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Metal newbie 
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(Melo)death, power, thrash 

I'm a DJ for a metal radio show called No Remorse; you can listen live at my homepage. We're on Tuesdays and Fridays from midnight to 3am EST, and we play some current releases as well as plenty of more classic stuff.

How I give review scores:

100 - Incredible. You MUST listen to this before you die. A true "desert island" album.
90s - Among the best in the genre and in my collection. Classic, for sure.
89-85 - Not quite classic, but I still think it's killer. Anything I rate 85 or higher is worth buying on CD.
84-80 - Flawed, but excellent. You may regret not checking it out.
70s - Average. Not bad, but you can do better.
...In general, I don't review anything unless I like it (70s or higher). I'm too positive to go around cracking on lame music without good reason, partially because I don't have that kind of time on my hands! I only go to the trouble for overrated metal, metal with no prior reviews, and metal that someone requested me to review either within or outside of this site.

69-60 - Below average. Don't bother unless you really love the band or genre.
59-20 - Forgettable, bland, and inconsequential. All mortal sins for a METAL record.
19-1 - So bad it's almost good. Almost. Probably only worth laughing at. Be careful, you are in St. Anger territory.
0 - The opposite of a 100. I'd rather listen to nothing.