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United States 
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Heavy/power, progressive, doom 

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My review rating system:

91-100%: The best of the best. Damn near flawless, and has to be quite ambitious to boot.
81-90%: Strong album. Not top tier, has some flaws but not enough to detract much from the album. Essential for fans of the genre.
71-80%: Decent album. Low second tier or third tier, usually either inconsistent or not ambitious enough to become terribly memorable. Recommended for fans of the genre, but not required.
61-70%: Somewhat listenable album. Bottom half of the third tier, and getting into stuff that has only a few redeemable qualities to keep it from being downright mediocre. Recommended only for fans of the band or those especially devoted to becoming familiar with the genre.
51-60%: Mediocre album. Might have a redeeming quality or two, but nothing that ever puts it into listenable territory. Usually not actively bad, just boring in some way.
26-50%: Garbage. No redeeming qualities, and there have to be flaws that put it below even the most mediocre of albums. Not worth hearing at all for any reason.
0-25%: Pure aural agony. Listening to the album for any length of time is actively painful. Egregiously bad in multiple facets.