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Jimmy Calhoun's profile

United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
death, doom/sludge, black 

Big death/thrash head back in high school - Slayer, CC, all the -ation bands - after having gone through a Metallica/Van Halen/GNR phase in 8th grade. But by my senior year I'd begun to feel the dangerous pull of classic indie/alternative rock - Replacements, Husker Du et. al. - and spent the next several years "broadening my horizons," i.e. listening to relatively little metal, though I still managed to sneak in some Napalm Death or Burzum here and there. Little by little, though, I've found my way back into metal fandom.

My rating system (if it matters):

100: An all-time masterpiece of the genre. Unfuckwittable.
95: A great album that is or should be legendary.
90: Excellent. Album of the Year candidate.
85: Very good to excellent. Buy it if you like the style.
80: Good to very good. Ditto the above.
75: Good. Not really essential though.
65-70: Decent. More good than bad.
50-60: Meh...
Below 50: Probably won't bother reviewing it.

10 favorite albums of 2019:

Full of Hell - 'Weeping Choir'
Mystifier - 'Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia'
Mgla - 'Age of Excuse'
Vanum - 'Ageless Fire'
Ringworm - 'Death Becomes My Voice'
Darkthrone - 'Old Star'
Deathspell Omega - 'Furnaces of Palingenesis'
Blut Aus Nord - 'Hallucinogen'
Krypts - 'Cadaver Circulation'
Martyrdod - 'Hexhammaren'