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Anything but EUPM 

Mostly writing reviews about things I like, unless I just feel like spewing vitriol for no good reason. They boil down to me throwing my takes out there in the hopes of maybe getting someone into a different band or warning them about a release. I hope that any potential readers enjoy reading my ramblings and maybe get something useful out of them.

As a reviewer, I've made a point out of primarily covering artists with few, if any reviews to their name. I want to support heavy metal music in whatever way I can, and I've found that trying to prop up small artists is the best way to do it. Besides, writing about a small band with no reviews to its name is infinitely more interesting than the 40th Metallica review. Popular artists are just that, popular. They don't need any more exposure than what they already have.

The numerical ratings assigned to each album are mostly arbitrary, and only partially reflect my thoughts on a release.

If by some miracle staff is reading this: sorry for resubmitting reviews on occasion, I sometimes spot mistakes after they get approved.

I would also like to give a massive thank you to my friend Taemour, who has helped me with editing a vast majority of these reviews (you know them when you see them).

If you're a musician who (for some reason) wants me to write a review on their music, feel free to contact me on my Reddit account, u/JetMeestard. It'll be an honest one, I promise.

1st review: March 21st 2020
50th review: December 8th 2021
100th review: August 31st 2022