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Thrash/Doom/early Death 

I tend to lean more towards heavy metal from within the thrash and doom metal genre, and those genres' various offshoots. I can tolerate most bands from death metal's early years, and have little use for bands who exercise brutality and technicality for no reason other than shock value. I'm also not particularly big on black metal, though there are always exceptions, with Darkthrone, Emperor, and Immortal being bands I can truly enjoy.

Disclaimer: As the reader, be more concerned about what I say in the review as opposed to the actual numerical score, as I sometimes have difficulty narrowing down a truly representative grade.

100 - Perfection. I cannot think of anything that could make this any better.

99-90 - Varying degrees of greatness exhibited.

89-80 - A good album, a worthy mention in the genre it adheres to.

79-70 - A decent and inoffensive listen, but fails to conjure up true excellence.

69-60 - Essentially the borderline between a worthy release and mediocrity.

59-50 - Falls below average and below being merely mediocre.

49-0 - Varying degrees of mediocrity, running between weak, bad and absolutely abysmal in every context of the word.

*The opinions that I state in my reviews are entirely my own. If you dislike and/or disagree with them, feel free to enact on your rights as an American and write your own opinions.