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Luis Rafael Heredia 
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Top 10 Metal albums of 2018

01-Burial Invocation - Abiogenesis (Death metal)
-Dark Descent Records

02-Svartidauði - Revelations of the Red Sword (Black metal)
-Ván Records

03-Outre-Tombe - Necrovovortex (Death metal)
-Temple of Misery Records

04-Hooded Menace - Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed (Death/doom metal)
-Season of Mist

05-RÛR - RÛR (Black metal)
-Northern Silence Productions

06-Tomb Mold - Manor Of Infinite Forms (Death metal)
-20 Buck Spins

07-Carpe Noctem - Vitrun (Black metal)

08-Hyperdontia - Nexus of Teeth (Death metal)
-Dark Descent Records

09-Wytch Hazel - Ii: Sojourn (Heavy metal)
-Bad Omen Records

10-Devouring Star - The Arteries of Heresy (Black metal)
-Dark Descent Records

11-Gaerea - Unsettling Whispers (Black metal)
-Trascending Obscurity Records

12-Ghost Ship Octavius - Delirium (Progressive metal)

13-Kriegsmaschine - Apocalypticists (Black metal)
-No Solace

14-Horrendous - Idol (Death metal)
-Season of Mist

15-Ulthar - Cosmovore (Black/death metal)
-20 Buck Spins

16-1914 - The Blind Leading the Blinds (Blackened death/doom metal)
-Archaic Sound

17-The Ocean - Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic (Progressive sludge/post-metal)
-Metal Blade Records

18-Cantique Lépreux - Paysages Polaires (Black metal)

19-Uada - Cult Of A Dying Sun (Black metal)

20-Slugdge - Esoteric Malacology (Blackened progressive death metal)
-Willowtip Records

Other great releases:

For fans of Black metal:

Mare - Ebony Tower (Black metal)
-Terratur Possesions

Cultes des Ghoules - Sinister, Or Treading The Darker Paths (Black metal)

Selbst - Secular Compendium (Compilation) (Black metal)
-Sun & Moon Records

Délétère - Le Horae Deprave (Black metal)
-Sepulchral Productions

Basalte - Vertige (Atmospheric black metal)

Malthusian - Across Deaths (Black/death metal)
-Dark Descent Records

Ultha - The Inextricable Wandering (Black metal)
-Century Media Records

Akitsa - Credo (Black metal)
-Profound Lore Records

Depths Above - Ex Nihilo (Black metal)

Mourning By Morning - Mourning By Morning (Atmospherick black metal)
-Wolfspell Records

Spectral Wound - Infernal Decadence (Black metal)
-Les Fleur du Mal Records

Wiegedood - De Doden Hebben Het Goed III (Black metal)
-Century Media Records

Firtan - Okeanos (Black metal)
-Art of Propaganda

Wayfarer - World's Blood (Black metal/folk)
-Profound Lore Records

For fans of Death metal:

Psycroptic - As The Kingdom Drowns (Technical death metal)
-Prosthetic Records

Augury - Illusive Golden Age (Progressive death metal)
-The Artisan Era

Inferi - Revenant (Technical/melodic death metal)
-The Artisan Era

Arsis - Visitant (Technical/melodic death metal)
-Agonia Records

Revocation - The Outer Ones (Technical/melodic death/thrash metal)
-Metal Blade Records

Obliteration - Cenotaph Obscure (Death metal)
-Indie Recordings

Wombripper - From The Depths Of Flesh (Death metal)
-Grotesque Sounds Productions

Monotheist - Scourge (Progressive death metal)
-Prosthetic Records

Cosmic Atrophy - The Void Engineers (Progressive/technical death metal)

Soreption - Monument Of The End (Technical death metal)
-Sumerian Records

Alkaloid - Liquid Anatomy (Progressive/technical death metal)
-Season of Mist

Baring Teeth - Transitive Savagery (Experimental death metal)
-Translation Loss Records

Carnation - Chapel Of Abhorrence (Death metal)
-Season of Mist

Portal - Ion (Experimental death metal)
-Profound Lore Records

Obscura - Diluvium (Technical death metal) (87/100)
-Relapse Records

Nightmarer - Cacophony of Terror (Technical death metal)
-Season of Mist

Skeletal Remains - Devouring Mortality (Death metal)
-20 Buck Spins

Extremity - Coffin Birth (Death metal)
-20 Buck Spins

Demise - De la Manipulacion a La Ignorancia (Death metal)
-Brutal Records

For fans of Doom/sludge:

Mournful Congregation - The Incubus of Karma (Funeral doom metal)
-Osmose Productions

Evoken - Hypnagogia (Funeral doom metal)
-Profound Lore Records

YOB - Our Raw Heart (Doom/sludge metal)
-Relapse Records

Monolithe - Nebula septem (Melodic death/doom metal)
-Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions

A Storm of Light - Anthroscene (Doom/post-metal)
-Southern Lord Records

Sumac - Love In Shadow (Post-metal)
-Thrill Jockey Records

LLNN - Deads (Post-metal/hardcore)
-Pelagic Records

Top non metal (Everything else)

01-Jon Hopkins - Singularity (IDM)

02-Between the Buried and Me - Automata I & II (Metalcore/hardcore/progressive death/experimental metal)
03-Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection (Post-Hardcore)

04-Coheed and Cambria - The Unheavenly Creatures (Alternative/progressive rock)

05-Crippled Black Phoenix - Great Escape (Post-rock/space rock)

06-Tides of Man - Every Nothing (Post-rock)

07-Trifonic - Emergence (Special Edition) (IDM)

08-Vein - Errorzone (Hardcore)

09-Tilian - The Skeptic (Electronic/indie pop)

10-Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want (Noise-rock/hardcore)

11-Bliss Signal - Bliss Signal (Darkwave/ambient)

12-Ghostemane - N/O/I/S/E (Hip-hop/trap)

13-Rival Consoles - Persona (IDM)

14-Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It (Hardcore/sludge/post-rock)

15-Denzel Curry - Ta13oo (Hip-hop/trap)

16-UnderØath - Erase Me (Metalcore/post-hardcore)

17-The Glitch Mob - See Without Eyes (IDM/Glitch)

18-Owane - Yeah Whatever (Progressive rock/fusion)

19-Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food (Indie rock/fusion)

20-JPEGMAFIA - Veteran (Hip-hop/experimental)

Everything else (with ratings) (Some of these are awesome too, almost made the cut)

Aborted - TerrorVision (Deathgrind) (80/100)
Aegaeon - Age (Deathcore) (65/100)
Alice in Chains - Rainier Fog (Grunge/heavy metal) (75/100)
Amorphis - Queen of Time (Progressive/melodic death metal) (80/100
Alterbeast - Feast (Progressive/technical death metal) (67//100)
Anaal Nathrakh - A New Kind of Horror (Industrial/blackened deathgrind) (80/100)
Aparia - Beyond the Walls of Man (Technical death metal) (70/100)
At the Gates - To Drink From The Night Itself (Melodic death metal) (70/100)
Behemoth - I Loved You at Your Darkest (Blackened death metal) (70/100)
Beyond Creation - Algorythm (Progressive death metal) (77/100)
Black Tongue - Nadir (Deathcore/beatdown) (78/100)
Bog Wraith - Omen (Deathcore) (70/100)
Bones - Living Sucks (Hip-hop/trap) (62/100)
Caratucay - Deranged Serenades (Progressive death metal) (72/100)
Chthe'ilist - Passage into the Xexanotth EP (Death metal) (90/100)
Cryptopsy - The Book of Suffering II EP (Technical death metal) (85/100)
Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (Post-black metal) (43/100)
Death Grips - Year Of The Snitch (Hip-hop/experimental) (72/100)
Depravity - Evil Upheaval (Death metal) (71/100)
Drawn And Quartered - The One Who Lurks (Death metal) (73/100)
Drottnar - Monolith II EP (Black metal) (85/100)
Engulf - Gold and Rust EP (Technical death metal) (87/100)
Entropia - Vacuum (Blackened sludge metal) (83/100)
Ghastly - Death Velour (Death metal) (80/100)
Ghost - Prequelle (Hard rock/heavy metal) (51/100)
Hate Eternal - Upon Desolate Sands (Death metal) (78/100)
Hoth - Astral Necromancy (Melodic black/death metal) (82/100)
I, Valiance - I & II (Progressive technical deathcore/hip-hop) (85/100)
Ihsahn - Amr (Extreme progressive metal) (79/100)
Imperial Triumphant - Vile Luxury (Avant-garde black metal) (79/100)
Imperialist - Cipher (Black metal) (75/100)
Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods (Black metal) (79/100)
Infernal Coil - Within A World Forgotten (Blackened death metal) (80/100)
Into Eternity - The Sirens (Progressive/melodic death metal) (79/100)
Irreversible Mechanism - Immersion (Progressive death metal) (83/100)
Jedi Mind Tricks - The Bridge And The Abyss (Hip-hop) (69/100)
Jesus Piece - Only Self (Death metal/hardcore) (80/100)
Khandra - There Is No Division Outside Existence [EP] (Black metal) (86/100)
Khôrada - Salt (Progressive post-rock/metal) (71/100)
Kingcrow - The Persistence (Progressive metal) (69/100)
Mesarthim - The Density Parameter (Atmospheric black metal) (72/100)
Nexilva - Aseity: I (Progressive deathcore) (69/100)
Outre - Hollow Earth (Black metal) (79/100)
Pig Destroyer - Head Cage (Grindcore/Sludge) (67/100)
Plini - Sunhead EP (Progressive rock/fusion) (83/100)
Post Malone - beerbongs & bentleys (Hip-hop/trap) (67/100)
Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name (Progressive death metal) (80/100)
Riverside - Wasteland (Progressive rock/metal) (76/100)
Second to Sun - The Walk (Post-black/groove metal) (80/100)
Sintrophy - Broken Mind (Technical deathcore) (65/100)
Skeletonwitch - Devouring Radiant Light (Blackened death/thrash metal) (83/100)
Skyborn Reveries - Winter Lights (Atmospheric black metal) (79/100)
Summoning - With Doom We Come (Atmospheric black metal/dungeon synth) (82/100)
Sun Speaker - Ov Lustra (Deathcore) (78/100)
Tesseract - Sonder (Progressive metal/djent) (79/100)
Vastum / Spectral Voice Split (Death metal) (80/100)
Voices - Frightened (Progressive black/death metal) (70/100)
Vreid - Lifehunger (Black metal/black n' roll) (65/100)
Where Deprivation Lies - Psalms to the Synthetic Divine [EP] (Technical death metal) (80/100)
Windfaerer - Alma (Atmospheric black metal) (75/100)
Zeal & Ardor - Stranger Fruit (Avant-garde/experimental/blues/black metal) (52/100)