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95-99: The album is nearly perfect. I won't give this out often and when I do, the album is either a masterpiece, a personal favorite, or both. If you find the album anywhere, buy it no matter how much it's being sold for.

90-94: The album is highly recommended and deserves a five star rating. The first album(s) to consider when looking for new music to purchase.

85-89: The album was very good and would get a high four star rating in my book. A nice listen that one should actively seek out when looking for something new.

80-84: A good album that has either 1-2 big problems with it, or 3-4 smaller ones. Metalheads should consider buying if they are bored and/or have cash to spare.

75-79: The album was ok. Either it didn't catch my attention for whatever reason or had a massive problem. Buy if you like it or need new stuff but don't search it out.

70-74: The album being reviewed was average. I listened to it and found it forgettable. Purchasing the album is not recommended but also not discouraged.

50-70: I didn't enjoy what I heard but have no negative feelings about the band or the music they release.

Below 50: Listening to this music is discouraged.

1-25: I consider the album an abomination to metal and to music in general and would strongly encourage anyone curious to stay far away from the band.