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Impestiis's profile

Metal newbie 
Email address:
Full name:
Mort Necrohavilum Impestiis 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black / Death /Dark Metal 

Att: Mort Necrohavilum Impestiis
Tribulacion Productions
Underground Necrometal Label & Distro
c/o Mauricio Sanchez P.
P.O. Box 544
Medellin – Colombia

Tribulacion Productions PRESENTS:


REENCARNACION one of the first grim Metal bands to emerge
from the infamous Medellin scene of the mid 80's. RN created
in this work an unique form of Metal rooted and antireligious,
a furious expression of chaotic old-school attack against the miserable humanity!..

This work contains 8 anthems of obscure Thrashing Black /Death Metal recorded in 1988, now edited in CD format in a professional presentation to Underground cult followers!

AVULSION ”Indoctrination Into the Cult of Death” DigipackCD TR018

AVULSION breathes a foul and decrepit breath of lifelessness into Death Metal. “Indoctrination into the Cult of Death” praises the essence of death with every gut wrenching guitar riff and vomited out gurgle. This CD will please fans of Incantation, Necrophobic and Autopsy.
Licensed by Death Gasm Records. New brutal art work include bonus tracks + long putrid undeground video concert.. 6 panels Digipack!
A true Death Metal Masterpiece!! Out Now !!!

CARNYX / MEPHISOPHILUS “In Every Sky Rises The Demon”
Split CD TR017
This somber work consists of two deep underground hordes... Carnyx from France immersed in the metaphor of lost journeys through solitude, full of hypnotic melancholic pulses and sad compositions leading to Black Metal perception... A gloomy emanation from the Pictavian lands. Mephisophilus is a frenzy and morbid legion from Saudi Arabia, devoted to the impious and raw Black Metal, as it was in its primitive origins. This blasphemous debut is overloaded of hateful emotions, and apocalyptic visions will take your soul into the abyss. This Split is a cold spiritual holocaust that leaves only sadness and anger...

FUNERAL DUSK “O Rubor Sanguinis” CD TR016
Funereal Dark Neo-Classical Music. Medieval, baroque & classical influences converge to give you a shadowed essence. String quartets, fugues, abysmal symphonies and other classical forms composed in a somewhat somber style, with lots of emotion and grieving : that’s the best way to describe this CD. This is not the typical cheap-synthesizer ambient, but rather a more serious approach to neoclassical/dramatic music. Virtuosi piano and organ passages fill the CD like a thunder. Some early instruments are used, like the cembalo and baroque organ, which give despair and frozen feel to the music.. Feel the emotion and the true abysmal art. If you are tired of mediocre artists and commercial-mainstream music, this is a CD you must listen. Simply a brilliant album!!!12 tracks of pure sorrow!!


Belzec : Fucking true Peruvian Black Metal!, total cult to the true world-wide hordes . Debut CD of this Black Metal Lusty Legion. Similar to early nineties bands, when supremacy ruled.

Dark Faith: Dark and aggressive Spanish Black Metal without compromises. Brutality combined with powerful guitars melodies, hyper speed/chaotic drumming!!

NOCTURNAL FEELINGS “Consecration Of Evil Forces” CD TR014

Black Metal impious and unholy! Loaded with a dense atmosphere derived from a loyal orthodox method but quite well executed, forming this way a worthy sum of black souls!.
The stuff contains 42 minutes of true Underground Black Metal in the old vein with Nordic influences (Emperor, Graveland...)! Raw & mysterious!. Great art work!.