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Lucas Almeida 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death, Power, Thrash 

Yes, my reviews are mostly positive. Remember: reviewing something bad means I had to listen to something bad.

If you like an underground band and want a review about it, send me an e-mail, I am always open to new experiences.

If you hate an underground band/recording and would like me to bash it for you… Please don’t tell me about it, no matter how angry you are. The amount of garbage found by clicking on "random band" annoys me as much as it annoys you.

Update: back to filling requests.

My ratings:

100 – This is a flawless masterpiece, filled with some of the best music ever recorded. There isn’t one misplaced riff, there isn’t one repetitive solo and there is no reason for you not to buy this. This is not old or new: this is timeless.

90-99 – This is an amazingly creative recording, filled with masterpieces from beginning to end. At least half of this is made of the finest stuff you will ever listen to. You don’t have to know the band, just buy this and enjoy the ride.

80-89 – This is very, very good, with good and very good songs distributed non-uniformly. It is well worth the money it costs, but if you have never heard of the band I recommend you to download at least a song before buying it, just to make sure that you like it.

70-79 – This is good, but sometimes creativity falls short. It is not a must-have, but if you like the genre a lot you will appreciate this. There are some very good songs here, but they are rare. Download something from it before spending any money.

60-69 – Hardcore fans of the genre will find this appealing, but this is unnecessary in your collection. This is a solid work, but it doesn’t have more than two very good songs and most of the stuff here is simply uninspired.

50-59 – Most of the stuff here lacks content. You will most likely find overused riffs and boring solos here. I only recommend it to hardcore fans of the band, but if you are a hardcore fan of the band you will probably not give a shit to what I have to say =.=

40-49 – This stuff is boring to listen to, and it may lack professionalism. If the band doesn’t suck this is probably not played live. Don’t buy this.

30-39 – This shouldn’t exist at all. Most of this recording is filled with boring and soulless crap. Maybe there are one or two regular or good songs, but you shouldn’t waste your hard disk space with this, let alone buy it.

20-29 –There is virtually nothing good in this recording, maybe an inspired riff or two. The production probably sucks, the musicians are probably not that great and I will probably spit on the food of the asshole who made me listen to it.

10-19 – The music here is hideous, and it lacks the very elements that make music enjoyable. Buy it for your worst enemy.

1-9 - The ultimate proof that Satan not only exists, but also likes to fuck around in MA. Forget about music: this is hell.


Favorite bands:

Death: The Chasm.
Power: Angra. Duh.
NWOBHM: Iron Maiden.
Death/Thrash: Torture Squad
Thrash: Megadeth, Violator (Bra)
Blackened Death: Behemoth (Pol)
Doom: Evoken

Favorite songs:

Death: The Mission - Arrival to Hopeless Shores
Power: Stargazers
NWOBHM: Wasted Years
Death/Thrash: Chaos Corporation
Thrash: Ordered to Thrash
Blackened Death: At The Left Hand ov God
Doom: Accursed Premonition

Favorite releases:

Death: Farseeing The Paranormal Abyss
Power: Temple of Shadows
NWOBHM: Somewhere in Time
Death/Thrash: Hellbound
Thrash: Chemical Assault
Blackened Death: Evangelion
Doom: Anthitesis of Light