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Idontsuckdick's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
dan gorod 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death, doom 

My rating scale

100%- Dont even stop to think if you want to buy it, just go do it, a flawless and perfect album that will never bore the listener.

90-99%- The album stands out above others and should be part of any metal fans collection, regardless of your genre likings. Flawless and inventitive.

80-89%- A very good album that is worth having, but may be lost in the crowd, and may not stand out, but none the less a great album.

70-79%- Starts to show some flaws but is acceptable, but dont get it right away.

60-69%- Close to failing or just failing. Consists of some good material but is ok to overlook. Band needs to get the act together because they have potential.

50-59%- A crappy album that is boring or irritating, but may have a small redeeming quality.

40-49%- A shitty, crappy peice of junk that hits rock bottom. Music shows no sign of having a chance to improve.

30-39%- Worthy of mocking and insulting, dont waste your time with it and ignore it.

20-29%- Rapes your ears and should be pointed at and laughed at, displays a bad image on metal and needs to not exist.

10-19% -Disturbed could take em.

5-9%- Slipknot could take em

1-4%- Just keep walking, dont turn your head, speed up and get out of there.

0%- A waste of time and seriously should not exist. Whatever may receive this score has a negative effect on metal and the writers of the music need to be slapped in the face and fucked by a 100 year old monkey. In the case of coming across an album with this score, do not even bother listening to it or trying to see what it sounds like. Music like this is the reason people die.