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Favourite metal genre(s):
Death, Black, Thrash, Doom 

Not that anyone ever reads this, but...

I am a fan of far too many Death Metal bands to mention, plus a select few Black, Thrash, Grindcore and Doom bands...

Some other metal releases I possess, not officially listed in the archives:

Jesus Laceration - Of The Night And Doom (demo) c. 1999, sent to me by Ali Leinio (Adramelech) - who was the only member of this band.

Sepultura - Donington '96 (1996) (Bootleg, contains 7 badly recorded live tracks and a compilation of covers/bonus songs and two songs off the 'Bestial Devastation' EP)

Guitar World magazine Compilation:
Guitars That Rule The World, Vol 2: Smell The Fuzz (Attic Records, 1996)

7. Unheard Of (featuring The Death Metal Summit) - Explosion

This relatively obscure instrumental guitar compilation track features Jack Owen, Allen West and Ralph Santolla trading off variously flashy leads whilst Sean Malone provides bass (including a bass solo to boot) and Paul Mazurkiewicz provides the drums. Fortunately, this forgotten metal gem can also be found on Youtube.

Nordic Metal - A Tribute to Euronymous - Various Artists (Necropolis Records, 1995)

Now-classic collection of early 90's Scandinavian BM demo tracks, with extensive booklet featuring liner notes and quotes by various luminaries of the scene at that time. A veritable artifact for classic second-wave black metal fans.

Darkness We Feel - Compilation of various Century Media bands at that time (1997), was officially supplied as a bonus disk with Rotting Christ's "A Dead Poem" album (see that album's Additional Notes for the full tracklisting), but also given out as a free/promo disk via various magazines/webzines at the time.

To be borne in mind when reading any review:

"Well, opinions are like assholes; everybody has one" (and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks)