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Helmer's profile

Email address:
Full name:
Elmer Quiros 
Costa Rica 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black Metal-Thrash Metal-Death 

Vocals in Morbid Funeral and Hrii Fhtagn, i have my personal ambient Band call "Balpehor" .
Bass player in Versvs Cristvs and Scum Hero
I do reviews for Viceral Vomit Zine and C.T.T.I.H Magazine The Necroviews(Facebook Page)

Additional collection: Some bootleg and materials not in Metal-Archives

03:18:00 a.m. : S.D.D.S Tape
2 Minuta Dreka/ Warsore: Kasumi Toilet VINYL
AC DC: Back in Black CD
AC DC : High Voltage CD
Agathocles: Live in Gunzburg Germany Tape
Alice Cooper : The Essentials CD
Antes de Morir : Live in Kilates CDr
Arolgar: .disonancias del inconsciente.. CDr
Autopsy: Live from the Grave Tape
Bacteriophagia: Parasitic Teratoma Tape
Balpehor: The Dark House Tape
Balpehor: Desolacion CDr
Balpehor: Serpent Revolution CDr
Balpehor/MBOW/Pornoslot: A gray and twisted Landscape in the mind Split Tape
Balpehor/Mortiferous: Cadant In Obscurum Split Tape
Beherit: Beast of Damnation VINYL
Bestial Vomit /SMG: What are we Dying For? Split Tape
Bestial Warlust/ Corpse Molestation: THe war came from Melbourne Split CDr
Blade of Death/ Nostalgia: Eternal Melancholy (A Tribute to Xasthur) Split Tape
Bleeding Void of Utter Mysticism: Insubstantial Depths Tape
Blenorrhagical Spermatocystitis/Tuco: Split Split Tape
Bon Jovi : Bon Jovi CD
Cacasonica: Sexidemoinferno Tape
Cannibe/ Brainwash: split Split Tape
Carcinosarcoma: Pathogenesis Beyond the Evil CDr
Carlos Venegas: ON the Fly CDr
Carnivore Mind/Hemocromatosis Genital /Psychotic Sufferance /Cacasonica: Tiempos de Horror Split CD
Carnophagist/Kokkobizarrsium/Urines/Congenital Interior Defects: 4 ways to piss blood Split Tape
Catarsis: Mindscape CDr
Cathedral : Echoes of dirges from ... VINYL
Chocolate Crucifix: Reign in Chocolate VINYL
Congenital Interior Defects: Thanatophilus Rugosus Tape
Congenital Interior Defects :Gastrocytoplasty Tape
Corrosive Gastric Hemotthage: Extracting The Bowels Tape
Crepusculic Shadows : Memoria Infernalis act I Tape
CSMD: Japanese Sci Fi Monster Funk VINYL
Cystic Teartoma : Teratomes Introducing the Malign CDr
Dance floor in Decay/N.R.Y.Y: Split Split CDr
David Bowie: Diamond Dogs VINYL
Death : LIve November 15,Trocadero,Philadelphia CDr
Death : Let's all Die VINYL
Devastation Of Life: Devastation Of Life VINYL
Disembodiment :Grindspawn Tape
Eddie Brock /Lapse: Split VINYL
Emperor/Mayhem: split VINYL
Fäkalien / Nundata Split tape
Final Exit: Seasons are going and going CD
Fortezza Longobarda: Il Nostro Sangue Brucia Ancora Tape
Fortezza Longobarda : Algiz CDr
Fuck Belias : Extreme Perversion Through Vaginal Torture Tape
Gorky Park : Парк Горького VINYL
Gutted Boots: Violence in the Fields CDr
H418ov21.C: Rituale Tape
H418ov21.C/ Aggression Sonore: split Split Tape
Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering/Lacerated Corpse Rape : Bonded by Gore Split Tape
Hog :Tape Tape
Hyperborea/Dominus Luciferi Winds of Darkness Split Tape
Iggy Pop : A Million In Prizes:The Anthology and Live at the Avenue B CD/DVD
Immolation : The Ancient Blood VINYL
Impaled Cunts: A Taste of Anal Ejaculation Tape
Impaled Cunts/ Gag on my Cock/ Linfogranulomatosis Inguinalis : "Lustful Ways of Decadence" Split Tape
Infanticidio: Multitud Tape
Infanticidio : Them-Humans" Tape
Infanticidio : Malestar Tape
Infanticidio : Hastio Tape
Infanticidio: Necrocompulsivo CDr
Infanticidio /Kuuaf : Demo Tape
Iron Butter/ 2 Minuta Dreka: Split VINYL
Kiss: Creatures of the Night VINYL
KZ9/ The People Noise Project : What a Shit Split CDr
Lactovaginal: Pleasure of self mutilation!! CDr
Last Vigil: Soaking Intestines Fluids of Dead CDr
Lee Michael: Tailface VINYL
Lost Gorbatchevs : Rolling Stones Live Tape Tape
Maleficarium: Espiritos Da Floresta CDr
Manfred Mann's Earth Band : Watch VINYL
Mankurt: Demo 2010 Tape
Massgrave Symphonies/Daily Life Sucks: Split Split Tape
Mayhem / Morbid : Tribute to the Black Emperors Split 12LP
Mayhem: From the darkest Past Tape
Mayhem: OF Lord Satans Mysteries VINYL
Melomana Distorsion: Descristalizado CDr
Menstrual Bile Consumption: Cranial Devastation CDr
Minor Threat: Minor Threat Tape
Minor Threat: Out of Step Tape
Morbid Angel: Live in Holland 1990 CDr
Mordok: Demo CDr
Mortiferous : Disdain Tape
Muerte por Imposion: Cinco Cadaveres en tres Maletas Tape
Mutilator/ Sex Trash/ Vulcano: Belo Hell Horizonte Assault Split CDr
Napalm Death is Dead/Penis Geyser: SPLIT VINYL
Nebula VII : Dawn of a New Era CD
Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium: Fuxtroat CD
Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium: Orgasmic Echolalia VINYL
Necrophilism: Exhumation of the horrible Tape
Necrosadik : Across This Painful Road Tape
Neisseria Gonorrhoeae/Picha : Two ways to torture a rotten body with surgery Split CDr
Nuclear dawn/ Kadaver Torso/Mortuss : Noise Infection Split Tape
Obituary: Live in Boston 10-09-97 CDr
Packratten/Rummelrotze: Tape Split Tape
Pale Obsession: Songs of love and death CD
Penis Enlargement/Angola/K.Z.9: split Split Tape
Penis Enlargement/Shit Of Satan: split Split Tape
Penis Geyser/Lotus Fucke: Split VINYL
Poison: Crack a Smile...and More! CD
Possessed : "Live at Berkley 1993 CDr
Punto Konfliktivo: Sin Ekidad no hay Respeto CDr
Rolling Stones: No Security CD
Rüt: Nocturnal Aggression CDr
Sangre Azul: El silencio de la noche VINYL
Sarcofago: The Anal Rape of God Tape
Sarcofago: Desecration of Demos VINYL
Sarghuma Incoxis: Peste Tape
Satanichrist: Worship Tape
Saturn Form Essence: A Other Side Of Cosmic Being Tape
Sea of Shit/Socially Retarded: split VINYL
Sexterminator 69 : Cannibal Anonymous Tape
Shatter: Promo CDr
Splattered Brains: Demo REh CDr
The Doors: Greates Hits CD
The Ramones: Greates Hits CD
Treblinka: Crawling To The Pentagram VINYL
Turdpedo/Septic Mutation: Toilet Sores Split CDr
UFO : Phenomenon LP
Unleashed: ..and the laughter has died Tape
V/A Black Pagan Death Salute VOl 1 Compilado CDr
V/A Cadaverous Smell Compilation 1 Compilado CDr
V/A Costarican Metal Gods Vol 1 Compilado CDr
V/A Enciclopedia del Metal Costarricense(y otras influencias) Compilado CDr
V/A Hell's Headbangers Compilation Volumen 6 Compilado CD
V/A Hell's Headbangers Compilation Volumen 7 Compilado CD
V/A Identity Five " Century Media Present" Compilado CD
V/A Invoking Southern Satan's Whispers Compilado Tape
V/A Massacres from the Jungle 3 Compilado CD
V/A Metal War Productions " Street Team Sampler" Compilado CD
V/A MetalSin Fronteras Compilado CDr
V/A Mordiendo El Dolor " Homenaje Argentino a DEath" Compilado CD
V/A Schatten aus der...Bethlehem " A tribute to Dictius te Necare" Compilado CD
V/A Stimmen Des Ideals Compilado Tape
V/A Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Compilado VINYL
V/A To Short, To Handle Vol 1 compilation Compilado VINYL
V/A Too Short to Handle #3 The Final Compilado VINYL
V/A Tribute to Burzum Compilado DVDr
V/A Tribute to Judas Iscariot To the Triumph of Evil VINYL
V/A Tu Futuro.. Compilado CDr
Vagitalians : Complete Collection Tape
Vinland Special Servcies/Der Eiserne Besen/Ilsa Koch/Trial By Fire: split Split Tape
Vladimirs : The Late Hour CD
Widerguist: Storm of Thoughts Tape
Zumindest Unguad Aufgfoin/Noise Torture: SPLIT VINYL