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Mallcore kid 

In the case of WoW gold making, there are several game client add-ons that are absolutely crucial. Or use it to find items that are greatly under priced so you can re-sell quickly at a profit. The advantage, of course, to gathering for gold, is that youre not spending money to buy (and then resell) items. Another way that you can use pets to make money if by farming the, Rare pets such as the Dragonhawks and Drakelings sell for big profits. Farming lower black rock spire for large brilliant shards is 1 of the best and fastest ways to make fast gold as an Enchanter in World of Warcraft the burning crusade. He seemed to have put together all his WoW gold farming secrets into a bundle package and selling it at a price. All three will be good gold making professions. People from all walks of life play on these servers, and character classes are professions similar to jobs in real life. Another option is to use your professions to make gold. You can continue to login and use the old system for now, there will be an option to transfer all your reports and subscription to the new system when its ready. Melee will have to learn to use their weapon swing arc to their best advantage. Ann...