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HeavyMetalAmerica's profile

Full name:
Don't worry about it.  
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Doom, Heavy 

Current Bands:
Tond--Bass/Vox (Folk/Symphonic Black Metal)

Embra--Bass (Black Metal)

Past Bands:
Dark Matter--Guitar (Classic Rock) (2008-2009)
Abstract Absolution--Guitar/Vox (Grunge/Rap Rock) (Jan. 2013-July 2014)
Affasia--Bass (Progressive Doom) (2014-2015)

Favorite Quote:
"If human beings are fundamentally good, no government is necessary; if they are fundamentally bad, any government, being composed of human beings, would be bad also." -Fred Woodworth Ⓐ

Bands that I have seen live, excluding some local, unsigned bands (chronologically):
-Billy Joel
-Night Ranger (Chilled with them the at a party the night before)
-Metallica w/ the Sword and Machine Head
-Aerosmith w/ ZZ Top
-All That Remains w/ Taking Dawn, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Lacuna Coil
-Trans Siberian Orchestra
-Bon Jovi w/ Dashboard Confessional
-Danzig w/ 2cents, Devil Driver
-Disturbed w/ Godsmack, MegaDeth, Trivium, In Flames, Machine Head, Suicide Silence, Kingdom of Sorrow, All Shall Parish, Red Fang
-Iron Maiden w/ Alice Cooper
-System of a Down w/ Deftones
-Southern Slop w/ Evicera, Trangression (last show), Clearview (last show)
-Southern Slop w/ Swamp Trash, Cashless Society
-Alice Cooper w/ Marilyn Manson, Gwar
-Alice Cooper
-Southern Slop w/ Hellpie, Pain!, Saint Diablo
-Agalloch w/ Cladonia Rangiferina, Vex
-Ramshackle Glory w/ Cross Eyed, Jake Mayday, Endless Mike & the Beagle Club
-Inter Arma w/ Sundrainer (formerly Beyond My Flesh), Late to the Party, Anu, Pain!, Northwoods, Southern Slop, Wasted Theory, Fog Hound, Bastard Sapling
-Impalers w/ Asylum, Skemata, the Bad Doctors
-Windhand w/ King Buffalo, All Them Witches
-Black Cobra w/ Chronic Titan, Druglord, Lo-Pan
-Zombie XXX w/ Pain!, By the Graveyard Tree, Sonic Creeps
-Corrections House w/ Ryan Kent, Darkhollow Falls, Daggering, Statiqbloom--Met Randy Blythe at this show
-Parentheses w/ Various Eggs, Suneater, Headless Mantis
-Elder w/ Sinister Haze, Druglord
-Kromoson w/ Firing Squad, Skemata, Blazing Eye, Aspects of War
-Multicult w/ Vorator, The Glorious Gone, Ramming Speed
-Eat Your Teeth w/ Alluvion, Goliath Rex, Kysmet
-Suneater w/ Various Eggs, Hot Dolphin
-Black Matter Device w/ Attacking Eutopia, Here After
-Triac w/ Prisoner, Vorator
-Battlemaster w/ Left Cross, Bat, Led to the Grave
-Motel Fire w/ De Luna, Better Left Unknown, Caterpillar Trap
-All Hell w/ 3:33, Suppressive Fire
-Vorator w/ Burn/Ward, Empty Vessel, Disevered
-Cannibal Corpse w/ Left Cross, Soreption, Cattle Decapitation
-Crucial Rip w/ Vomit Stain, Human Infection, Scalpel
-Deafheaven w/ Tribulation, Envy
-Fuck the Facts w/ Left Cross, Bottomfeeder, Scuzz
-Intronaut w/ Affasia, Doubtfire, Venomspitter
-Burn/Ward w/ Buzzard Dust, Joy, Funeral Chic, Venomspitter
-Cremains w/ Buzzard Dust, Grooms of the Stool, Heron
-The You Go Girls w/ Mope Grooves, Pissing Contest, Sacred Teachers
-Taake w/ Unsacred, Vattnet Viskar, Young and in the Way
-Pentagram w/ King Giant, Night Magic, Stone Women
-Absu w/ Voarm, Bearstorm, Left Cross
-Magrudergrind w/ Burn/Ward, Ramming Speed, Yautja
-Winterhym w/ Khaotica, Aural Exile

Bands I have shared the stage with:
-Southern Slop
-Steve Zander (2x)
-GI9 (2x)
-The Day We Met
-Anywhere, USA
-Tungsten Hustle (2x)
-Cardiac (2x)
-Barracoda (2x)
-In Their Wake (2x)
-Omit the Alibi
-Encasing Embrace (2x)
-Children of the Grave
-Stay True
-Winning the Losers Bracket
-Sight Obscene
-Cladonia Rangiferina
-Black Matter Device
-My Flesh May Fail (2x)
-Despite My Pride (2x)
-Every Minute Can Kill (2x)
-Attacking Eutopia
-Narrow Grave
-Seven Days Past
-Awake at Last
-The Sleepover
-Chasing Avenir
-Operation: Death
-Red Sword
-I am the Rapture
-Morbid Cross
-From the Inside
-Embrace the Hostility
-Brock Landers
-Comrades, Away
-The Secondside
-Tiger Bomb
-Human Infection
-My Kingdom
-Niah (2x)
-Bones of Mary
-All Hell
-Château (2x)
-All Has Fallen
-Celestial Stag
-Black Plague
-Rebel Drive
-Appalling (2x)
-Och (2x)
-Heavy Temple
-Misery Index
-Abandon Earth
-Mere Phantoms
-Buzzard Dust
-Hard Charger
-Mo'ynoq (3x)
-Fly Trap
-Voarm (2x)
-Unsacred (2x)
-Mehenet (3x)
-Grave Gnosis (x3)
-The Mechanic
-Haunter (3x)
-Ossuary (2)
-Awaken Cthulu
-Mutilation Rites