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HammerOfDeath's profile

Full name:
Death Hammer 
Favourite metal genre(s):
the one with the guitar riffs 

How I score the reviews:

0 to 9 - Shit music, music so terrible, so unpleasant that is quite simply extremely rare. There were only a few albums that actually were this bad.

10 to 19 - Still really horrible, but some qualities are present, heavily buried beneath a pile of dung, but it's like finding a gold nugget amidst shit.

20 to 29 - really nasty stuff still, but nowhere near the low quality of the aforementioned score ranges.

30 to 39 - Bad music, just bad music in general.

40 to 49 - A special range that I hold for releases that are very disappointing, for example: whenever Wintersun's Time II comes out, it's definitely going to be very well done (probably), but if it ends being a massive disappointment, it goes here.

50 to 59 - Average stuff, isn't poorly made but doesn't stand out in any way.

60 to 69 - Good music, enjoyable but not that amazing.

70 to 79 - Great stuff, maybe it has some hint of originality to it or is simply very well done.

80 to 89 - Awesome music, consistent, great production, enjoyable and achieves its purpose.

90 to 99 - Impeccable stuff, the kind that blows your mind.

100 - A special score, few reach this one. Basically, it's albums that I hold very dearly, albums that feel like they were made for me (of course they weren't I'm not fucking stupid). No album is truly perfect, they will always have that one minor flaw. But I do believe in flawed perfection.