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Gutterscream's profile

Metal lord 
Full name:
Dave Rohrbach 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):

Editor of Screams From The Gutter 'zine from Dec. '87 - July '97. Former contributor to Ill Literature zine (formerly No Glam Fags), Ballbuster, Wild Rags! 'zine, and the short-lived High Voltage and Rock The Nation magazines. Needless to say, after forty four issues and six mini-issues in ten years, burnout was inevitable. I occasionally write internet reviews under the name Blackcatbones (or Black Cat Bones) elsewhere, so if you come across similar reviews, it's still my handiwork.

Screams From The Gutter Records, a brick and mortar record/cd shop specializing in heavy music (duh), opened in Nov. 2002 and closed in Feb. 2006. My headaches have dwindled significantly since then.

As for my ratings - basically anything 94% and above are essentially my top records of all time - albums I would go down with the ship with. Down to 90% are special mentionables on that list that just missed by a narrow margin. Everything else is on a descending scale. Down to 80% are strong releases that deserve notice, while down to 70% are merely average albums. Down to 60% is anyone's D in school. After that, flush it accordingly all the way down to negative infinity.

Anyone open-minded enough and interested in hearing/reading about some obscure and strong hard rock/proto-metal from the late '60s/early '70s that are partly the reason we have the music we listen to, you'll find my reviews here:

There're some metal releases in there also, but not many and are easy to sift through.

Born too late for classic rock, but perfect timing for the screaming birth of the metal underground.