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Gutterscream's profile

Metal lord (retired) 
Full name:
Dave Rohrbach 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):

Editor of Screams From The Gutter 'zine from Dec. '87 - July '97. Former contributor to Ill Literature 'zine (formerly No Glam Fags), Ballbuster, Wild Rags! 'zine & the short-lived magazines High Voltage & Rock The Nation. Needless to say, after 44 issues & 6 mini-issues over ten years, burnout was inevitable.

Screams From The Gutter Records, a brick & mortar record/cd shop specializing in (duh) heavy music, opened in Nov. 2002 & closed in Feb. 2006. My headaches have dwindled significantly since then.

As for my ratings - anything 94% & above are essentially my top records of all time - albums I would go down with the ship with. Down to 90% are special mentionables deserving to be on that exalted list, yet just missed by a narrow margin. Naturally, everything else is on a descending scale. Down to 80% are strong releases that deserve notice, while down to 70% are merely average albums. Down to 60% is anyone's D in school. After that, flush it accordingly all the way down to negative infinity. Attempted translations of my system to a 1-10 scale with 5 as average has never quite worked, 'cos for me 7 is average while 5 hearkens the upper echelons of crap.

While metal waves my flag most, I'm also an unembarrassed glutton for '70s 'adult contemporary'. Y'know, soft sappy stuff Boy George could even consider too limp-wristed to sit through for extended periods - Firefall, Chicago, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Al Stewart, Air Supply, John Denver, America, Bread, Eagles, Seals & Croft, Little River Band, Boston, Cat Stevens...sorry, no Culture Club.

And ever since 2001, on that fateful day when my curiosity - through Bubble Puppy's lost 1968 hit "Hot Smoke & Sassafras" & the entirety of Captain Beyond's self-titled 1972 debut - unwittingly reignited wide-eyed excitement in me that I hadn't felt since the early/mid-'80s days & their countless spent hours attempting to unearth any & every potential metal band that spawned during that era like so many sea monkeys.

In me, hopelessly-lost-to-the-wind hard rock & proto-metal acts {Dust - May Blitz - Power of Zeus - Tear Gas - Coven - Lucifer's Friend - Wild Turkey - Sir Lord Baltimore - Arcadium - Writing on the Wall - Captain Beyond - Three Man Army - Black Widow - Leafhound - Cactus - Warpig - Elias Hulk - Damnation of Adam Blessing - East of Eden - Horse - Electric Food - Yesterday's Children - Tractor - Warhorse - Mad River} found a new champion.

Born too late to be truly conscious for the '60s/'70s rock scene, but my timing was perfect for the screaming birth of the metal underground, and for that I'm grateful.