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Grey Sabbath's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Power, Speed, J-metal, Trad. 

I like my metal either fast or melodic, but especially both, and if it sounds like it can be an anime opening, even better

I've done a couple of reviews, but I'm not that great of a critic. I just like exposing myself and others to tons of new music. Most of my time on here is spent looking for new bands and contributing to said bands' Similar Artists tab.

Overly long list of Favorite Bands/Artists:

Galneryus (including Yama-B's Gunbridge and Syu's Spinalcord projects), Versailles (including Kamijo's solo career and Jupiter), X Japan, JAM Project, Gackt, Animetal, Matenrou Opera, Dragon Guardian, Dragon Eyes (since Forsaken Gods) Blind Guardian (90's era, plus Savage Circus) Sonata Arctica, Takamiy, Rhapsody of Fire (and its cavalcade of Turilli-based spinoffs), Toxik, Vektor, Manticora, Derdian, Helloween, Dragonforce, Visigoth, Manowar, Tears of Tragedy, Light Bringer, Minstrelix, Soulspell, Lost Horizon, Seven Sisters, Dissection, Lost Society (first three albums), Gama Bomb, Outrage, Metallica (80's era and post-St. Anger), 3 Inches of Blood, Alestorm, Manilla Road (80's era), Anthrax, Roman So Words, Iron Savior (90's and 2000's era), Dead Kennedys, Enforcer, Rainbow (Dio era), Dio, Rage Against the Machine, Born of Ire, Sex Machineguns, Running Wild, Chthonic (since Takasago Army), Iron Maiden, Borknagar, Shadowstrike, Angra, Heavenly, Helstar (mainly A Distant Thunder and Nosferatu), Megadeth, Tenacious D, Psychework, Pyramaze, Atlantean Kodex, Venom, Yngwie Malmsteen, Iron Mask, Azrael (the Japanese one), Pay Money to My Pain, Carcass (since Heartwork), Legend Maker, Nails