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GermanSteel's profile

Fred Durst 
Full name:
Die Schwarzen Messias  
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black Metal, Ambient, Thrash 

I do reviews of bands, albums, tracks, demos, EPs, etc

I am 17 years old, but I have more knowledge than most adult metal fans

Yes I am an elitist, if you don't like it then TFB

Review/Rating Scale

90-100% : Amazing : Barely any flaws or issues

77-89% : Great : A very good release with little problems

70-75% : Good : A Good album, but has a few problems.

64-69% : Decent : A Decent album, but has problems

55-60% : Mediocre : Substandard and lacking, but somewhat listenable

40-50% : Bad : A listenable, but very substandard release

20-35% : Terrible : Extremely lacking and barely tolerable to listen to

10-15% : Shit : Absolutely Horrible and not worth listening to

0-9% : Unlistenable and Intolerable : An album so bad that listening to it is worse than cancer