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Gas_Snake's profile

Full name:
Mark Popov 
Favourite metal genre(s):
they're right there 

Favorite metal genres: Power, Thrash, True Heavy Fucking Metal, Prog
Least favorite metal genres: Groove, Deathcore, Symphonic Metal, Prog

I just like metal music and sometimes feel like articulating what I like about it. I'm cool with most forms of music, there are very few genres that I find to be repulsive on principle. I'm not a musician myself, but I do notice certain musical quirks that help me decide how much I like a specific song or album.

If you really care about a review scale, here's how it would go:

0% - A very, very special kind of evil. It took me a while to even start believing such a thing was physically possible.

< 20% - The worst of the worst. Physically painful to listen to; makes me contemplate the futility of making this kind of music. Avoid like a terminal disease.

20% - Complete crap. Fulfills only the bare minimum of "musicality".
Don't bother.

30% - Slightly above "complete crap", but still has very little merit. Do not get this.

40% - The bad still outweighs the good. Get this for a symbolic price or something, I dunno.

50% - Passable; The good just barely outweighs the bad. Get this if you're a hardcore fan of the artist.

60% - Not bad, but not great either. I wouldn't pick it out of a collection. Get this if you like the artist.

70% - Good stuff, generally worth your time. Get this if you like the genre.

80% - Great album, very memorable, well worth your time. Get this if you want an introduction to the genre.

90% - Amazing album with only minor flaws that can be dismissed as nitpicks. Get this at well above full price if you have to.

99% - Has no flaws that I can think of; a crowning achievement of its genre. Basically a 100% rating.

100% - Unholy spawn of a force stronger than Satan. Transcends time, space and all other metaphysical concepts with its sheer greatness. Basically a 110% rating, but the site doesn't allow such a rating to be given, so I'm reserving perfect scores for that special, special sauce. There likely won't be more than two or three of these.

Have a good read, everyone!