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GDRTH_666's profile


Hate , Fire and Death !!!


*Immortal - Live In Zaandam (10-june-1994) Sons Of The Northern Darlness Tour 94. First Version. Nordic Empire. N.E.013.

*Rotting Christ - Live Mexico City (Non Serviam Tour 95) Limited Edition. Copy #816. Farewell To The Christ Records.

*Taake - A Night Of Fog - Live in Hengelo, Holland (22-11-02) Goatguts Over Europe Tour 2002. Limited Edition. Copy 305/666.

*Darkthrone / Mayhem - True Legends In Black.

*Mayhem / Morbid - A Tribute To The Black Emperors. Warhammer Records. 666 Hell 666.

*Mayhem - From The Darkest Past. WHR Lust5.

*Sarcofago - Sex, Drinks And Metal. Black Vomit Records 2006. Limited Edition Of 666 CDs.

*Possessed - The Demos 1984-1992 (2006).

*Feuersturm - Black Metal Comp. 2 CDs (Century Media)

*Feuersturm Vol.II "The Ultimate Storm". 2CDs (Century Media)

*Israheller Metal Compilation 1996 (Salem, Orphaned Land, Enochian Key, Enormity, Lehavoth, Azazel, Superior, Betrayer, Armageddon, Human Sector, Servant´s Glory, Mercenary, Spirits). HELLCD001

*Blackened II - Black Metal Compilation (2 CDs).

*Blackened IV - Black Metal Compilation (2CDs).

*Brutal Comp.Vol.I "The Ultimate Mexican Death Compilation CD" 2000 (Deadly Dark, Agony Lords, Allusion, Bloodsoaked, Cenotaph, Anarchus, Shub Niggurath, Disgorge, Eternal Disgrace, U.M.S., The Zephyr, Gilgamesh, Destorm). GOATSUCKER 001.

*The Rape Of The Holy Trinity - Norwegian Black Metal Compilation 1996 (Dodheimsgard, Mundanus Imperium, Old Man´s Child, Enthrall, Nocturnal Breed, Covenant, Aura Noir, Dimmu Borgir, Stargazer). Hot Records Sampler. SHAGRATH 007.

*In The Sign Of The Horns - A Tribute To Venom (Nokturne, Coffin Texts, Bloodstorm, Benereal Disease, Perverseraph, From The Depths, Evil Incarnate, Black Witchery, Diabolic, Ritual Carnage, Mork Gryning, Anal Blast, Acheron, Noctuary, Morpheus Descends). Dwell Records 2000. CD1035.

*Fenriz Presents...The Best Of Old-School Black Metal (Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Celtic Frost, Nattefrost, Mercyful Fate, Sodom, Tormentor, Aura Noir, Destruction, Samael, Bulldozer, Mayhem, Hellhammer, Burzum, Venom, Bathory). 2004. CDVILEF123.

*Moonfog 2000 - A Different Perspective. 2CD (CD.1- Satyricon, Eibon, Thorns, Gehenna, Darkthrone, Thorns ft Fenriz & Satyr, DHG, Wongraven vs Päronsoda. CD.2- Satyricon, Dodheimsgard, Darkthrone, Thorns, Gehenna, Emperor, Satyricon, Dodheimsgard). CD.1 Exclusive Material Especially For This Album. CD.2 Compiled By The Users Of Moonfog Dungeon. 2000. FOG024.


*Hell´zine Compilation 3 "Burning In This Hellish World" - Colombian Black Metal Compilation 1995 (Agaliareth, Maleficarum, Apocryphal, Leviathan, Apolion´s Genocide, Typhon, Occultus). HZP 05.

*Carpathian Forest - Live In Eternal Darkness (Live in Italy - Sep.17.2000). Limited Edition. Copy #217. Oso Negro Records.

*Enslaved - Live In Mexico (12 / Aug / 1995). VANISHED 0495.

*Masacres From The Jungle - Central America Compilation 1995 (Krueger, Sanctum Regnum, Pseudostratiffied Epithelium, Enslaver, Medium, Metal Doom, Psy-War, Cenotaph). LA-003.

*Masacres From The Jungle - Central America Compilation Vol.II 1997 (Kabak , Rotting Corpse, Horgkomostropus, Mantra, Disimburied, Paganus Doctrina, Abomination, Demogorgon, Sore Sight, Pseudostratiffied Epithelium, Noctis Invocat, Sargatanas, Christ Snacks, Gargola). LA-012.


* MUTILATED - Psycho Death Lunatics / Resurrected (12" Demo LP w/ Unreleased EP). Foreign Legion Records. Limited hand-numbered pressing 281 / 500.

* TOXIC HOLOCAUST / BESTIAL MOCKERY / PROTECTOR / SUICIDAL WINDS / NOCTURNAL / VOMITOR - In The Sign Of Sodom - Sodomaniac Tribute (12 MLP c/ Insert). Hells Headbangers.

*Satanic Threat - In To Hell . (Satanic Hardcore with Members of Nunslaughter and Midnight). HELLS EP029 / Gloom 042.

*Bathory - Hail Sathanas (Side Darkness - The Return Of The Darkness And Evil. Side Evil - Sacrifice). The Hordes 666-666.