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Fucking_Bastard's profile

Email address:
Full name:
Bastard Punk 
Favourite metal genre(s):
UG Black Metal mainly 

Hail fuckers!!!!!!

Underground bands, contact me if you want that I update you in the website.

I mainly listen to Underground Black Metal bands and especially Raw Black Metal. But I am very open-minded for the music. I also listen to :
All(most) kind of Metal , Folk (mainly Russian and Slavic folk), Hardcore/Speedcore, agressiv techno, ballad, romantic songs, Ambient (various styles), Harsh Noise, Slavic rap, Rock'n'Roll, Punk, RAC, Oï!, Crust and a lot of other kind of music.

I am also open-minded for films, but I prefer violent films.

Here are a list of bands that I like :

- Agent 86 (Anarcho Punk)
- Aggressiva (POL) (RAC)
- Antisemitex ("Skinhead War Metal")
- Black Putrescence (Noisy Black Metal)
- Caedes Vocum (Black Metal between Drudkh and Burzum but rawer)
- Chainsaw (CHI)
- Charogne (Black Metal)
- Deiphago (Black Metal)
- Devilish Era (Black Metal)
- Driller Killer (Crust Punk)
- Drudkh (Pagan Black Metal)
- Ewe (Dark Ambient)
- GG Allin & related bands (Street Punk Rock / Scumfuck Punk'N'Roll)
- Karbonizer Traitor (Cyber Punk Black'n'Roll)
- Khand (Black Metal Ambient without guitar but excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- Krynitza (Russian Folk)
- Locomotiva (Raw Oï!)
- Peste Noire (Black Metal)
- Puanteur de Charnier (Ambient Indus Sick music)
- Slayer (Thrash Metal)
- Strong as Ten (Punk Thrashcore)
- Temnozor' (Folk Pagan Metal)
- The Berzerker (Brutal Death Metal)
- The End 666 (Black Thrash Speedcore Metal)
- The Exploited (Punk)
- Volkolak (Russian Folk, I don't like their last cd)
- Wolok (Black Metal)
- Xasthur (Black Metal)
- Zarach' Baal' Tharagh (Raw Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Black Noise)

If you want to contact me, feel free to send an email. If I don't answer after one week, try again.
I speak French (native language), English, Italian and a little little little bit of German. And also 2 or 3 words in Russian hehe. The email that is written is also my MSN.

"You've got cancer, so go fucking die. If you've got AIDS, spread it around and take some lives" GG Allin

Stay Metal ++++++++++++++