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What Are Discord Bots? As far as we are concerned just have a whole lot of fun with World of Warcraft private servers. On these servers, only the one website, or a group of the companys websites, are on the server; it is dedicated to them and them alone. So we started developing our own matchmaking system (called Galactron) with our own servers. However, at that point the complexity of the algorithm becomes so high and debugging so difficult that I think running the matchmaking logic on a server instead is a much more viable solution. To its credit, much like Epics ill-fated MOBA Paragon (which, coincidentally, was killed so Epic could focus on Fortnites success), Battleborn did command a small but loyal fan base for several years. Today I would like to discuss how they work and what benefits and limitations they come with. In this post Ive shown a number of problems weve encountered with generic room-based matchmaking systems and how we tried different approaches to work around those. Steam, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all offer similar room-based systems.