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Finsterchild's profile

Full name:
Full Skull Inside Walking Flesh 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black metal 

Highly strict with almost everything, and music is no exception, don't be surprised.

Brutal reminder that racism isn't badass, is stupid. There are many other ways one can be brutal: surviving and being a true person despite all tragedies, for example. Grow a pair and actually encounter whatever you have on your way.

"We can say this is work, or we can say this is training". Improvise, adapt, overcome. Be the highest human and evolve in power to deserve the chance of existence.

P.S. I have a Nargaroth's cassette that's not on "my collection" here because, you know, bootleg.


Black metal things that makes you a pussy in the genre (using "pussy" as something funny/offensive, of course).

Censored nipples on videos= pussy
Dancing ridiculously= pussy
Cutting yourself= pussy
Any kind of photo about cutting yourself= pussy
Making an album cover with a photo about cutting yourself= pussy
Too much clothes (and all of them are clean)= pussy
Using disguise on your concerts (not talking about corpsepaint or warrior costume)= pussy
Preferring high quality instead of songs with passion, feelings or brutality= pussy
Too much blood on videos (unless you are Belphegor)= pussy
Loving DSBM= pussy
BM and rock and roll mixed= pussy and badly weird
Trying to be a comedian on the genre to get "fame"= pussy
You look like a cat / three / stain with your corpsepaint= pussy
Blur your corpsepaint (even a little bit)= pussy
Using too much corpsepaint= pussy
Doing funny faces with corpsepaint (unless you were Per Ohlin or Seregor)= pussy
Opening your mouth really big on videos or photos with or without corpsepaint= pussy and thirsty
Having instashit (instagram) and use "pinky" filters, unless you are Tsjuder (they don't use any shitty filter)= pussy
Many selfshits (selfies)= pussy
Any kind of photo on the bathroom (unless you are Fenriz)= pussy
Nazi BM= more stupid than pussy, but still pussy (come on, BM is from South America... you idiots)
New hardshit (hardcore) with BM= just kill yourself, pussy queen
Informing more about your life than about your band= pussy
Sharing your private life's secrets like it's money or any other fucks= pussy
Making songs or albums with really huge names all the time= pussy
Lyrics: politics (in favor), bullying or planet problems (unless you are Leprosy)= a damned pussy (any genre, not only BM)
Too much studded bracelets, peaks or cloves (unless you are/were on Gorgoroth, especially Gaahl)= pussy
Being an "anti-human" band= pussy... and stupid
Using your hands too much on videos (if you are only singing)= attention-seeking pussy


Leaving my overexigent thing aside, I recommend these bands:

Abysmal Grief
Alice in Chains (with Layne)
Arkona - from Russia, pagan
Belphegor - from Austria
Cadaveria - from Italy
Carach Angren
Celephaïs - from Germany
Crematory - from Germany
Estatic Fear
Fear Factory
Finsterforst (with Marco)
Judas Priest (with Halford)
(The True) Mayhem - from Norway (with Per)
Ne Obliviscaris
Quorthon - from Sweden
Sepulchral Cries
Silencer - from Sweden (this is a huge exception, read his insane book also)
Soundgarden (maybe the last album not so much)
System Of A Down
Thy Light


Top 8 albums (I have more I'm sure):

Agalloch - The Mantle
Cadaveria - Horror Metal
Eluveitie - Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion
Empyrium - Songs of Moors and Misty Fields
Finsterforst - Weltenkraft
Judas Priest - Sin After Sin
Moonspell - Wolfheart
Nargaroth - Herbstleyd