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Death, Thrash, Epic/Heavy/USPM 

It's about time I rewrite my introduction.

Since you clicked on my profile, I'm sure one my reviews caught your eyes. I'm a huge fan of USPM and traditional heavy metal, but I simply cannot say no to some cheesy flower-power metal or crushing death metal.

With me about to finish my bachelor's degree, I finally decided de-dust my keyboard and start reviewing once again! Most of my early (pre-2020) reviews are a bit scatter-brained, but unless I get extremely ashamed of them (unlikely) or change my opinions (much more likely), I'll leave them up for historical purposes. I hope I can provide some entertainment with my exceptionally unprofessional ramblings!

Unlike when I started writting here, I am not willing to make a schedhule for myself, so don't expect a steady stream of my writtings. We all have more important things to do from time to time and I'm still not good at wrangling 4-6 hobbies at the same time.

If you have a review request or just want to send me some feedback, feel free to send me an e-mail.

A couple of my favorite bands:
Heavy: Traveler, Gotham City, Brocas Helm
Thrash: Overkill, Tankard, Sodom
Death: Acid Witch, Atheist, Deceased...
Black: Dissection, Darkthrone, Bathory
Doom: Pentagram, Cathedral, Pagan Altar
Power: Blind Guardian, 3 Inches of Blood, Manilla Road
War: Archgoat, Blasphemy, Diocletian
Folk/viking: Månegarm, Heidevolk, Skyforger
Grind: Macabre, Repulsion, Exhumed

Obviously, it doesn't end there.

My review rating system:
100% - Perfection, music can't get better than this.
95-99% - Masterpiece, everybody has to own this record.
90-94% - Extraordinary, one of the best records in the genre, everyone should give it a try.
85-89% - An excellent album.
80-84% - Great addition to the band's discography.
75-79% - Enjoyable.
70-74% - Groove era Overkill.
65-69% - Worth a listen.
60-64% - Has its moments, but forgettable.
55-59% - Absolutely mediocre.
50-54% - Mortician.
45-49% - Mayhem past Live in Leipzig.
40-44% - Waste of time.
35-39% - Bad.
30-34% - Really bad.
25-29% - Unreasonably horrible.
20-24% - No one should ever listen to it.
15-19% - Permanent ear damage.
10-14% - Sin, that cannot be forgiven.
5-9% - Let There be Blood.
1-4% - DragonForce.
0% - Slipknot