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Death, Thrash, Epic/Heavy/USPM 


With me currently enjoying all the joys and carefully selected torments of studying economics, I have quit writing reviews indefinitely. This sadly means I'm not keeping my tradition of writing a review for every new Acid Witch release, but you should most definitely listen to them regardless.
Future plans:

Operation "Damn I suck" a.k.a. revisiting and editing my pre-2020 reviews which suffer from:
- bad grammar
- needless rambling
- shitty writing and weird, cringy expressions

I'll also completely rewrite a couple of my earliest ones that deserve far more effort than I originally put into them (e.g. Tankard, Acid Witch). I will exclude my 100% The Art of Partying review from this because I want to keep it as a constant reminder of how seriously stupid I am/was.

Reviews to (hopefully) come:
- The entire Manilla Road discography
- Gotham City and other Swedish trad bands
- Coven 6669

Note that these are all long-term plans that will probably take me a year or two if I want to avoid another complete burnout.
As a filthy thrasher, I like to review stuff from old-school and re-thrash bands, but my interests don't end there. I love death, doom, black, speed, power, and folk just as much as I do thrash. I'm reviewing very casually, trying to put out at least 1 or 2 every week or so (TRYING is the keyword).

All of MY reviews are based on MY personal opinions and they (try to) describe how I feel about the releases. Any criticism is welcome as long as it's constructive or so shitty that it's funny.

Usually, I'm reviewing entire discographies of bands in chronological order, but of course, there are exceptions (e.g. not managing to find a certain demo or other special cases where I'm only interested in a single release). I'm pretty open for review requests of any sorts (the exceptions usually being mediocre metalcore, deathcore, and slam metal bands) so if for some reason you want me to review your band feel free to contact me via e-mail.

My physical music collection isn't particularly huge at this point, but I'm trying my best to come by as many CDs and pieces of vinyl as I can.

A couple of my favorite bands:
Thrash: Overkill, Tankard, Sodom
Death: Acid Witch, Atheist, Deceased...
Black: Dissection, Darkthrone, Bathory
Doom: Pentagram, Cathedral, Pagan Altar
Power: Blind Guardian, 3 Inches of Blood, Manilla Road
War: Archgoat, Blasphemy, Diocletian
Folk/viking: Månegarm, Heidevolk, Skyforger
Grind: Macabre, Repulsion, Exhumed

Obviously, it doesn't end there.

My review rating system:
100% - Perfection, music can't get better than this.
95-99% - Masterpiece, everybody has to own this record.
90-94% - Extraordinary, one of the best records in the genre, everyone should give it a try.
85-89% - An excellent album.
80-84% - Great addition to the band's discography.
75-79% - Enjoyable.
70-74% - Groove era Overkill.
65-69% - Worth a listen.
60-64% - Has its moments, but forgettable.
55-59% - Absolutely mediocre.
50-54% - Mortician.
45-49% - Mayhem past Live in Leipzig.
40-44% - Waste of time.
35-39% - Bad.
30-34% - Really bad.
25-29% - Unreasonably horrible.
20-24% - No one should ever listen to it.
15-19% - Permanent ear damage.
10-14% - Sin, that cannot be forgiven.
5-9% - Let There be Blood.
1-4% - DragonForce.
0% - Slipknot