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FairGO Casino 

Does Fair GO Casino have a VIP lounge or loyalty program?
Yes, and this program is called Loyalty +, in English: Treue +. Anyone who is a member of this club can take advantage of a number of benefits that are constantly updated or reinvented, so that boredom becomes impossible.

The VIP program at Fair GO Casino is called Loyalty + and it includes a number of benefits and perks for players who feel truly royalty. Let's start with a great cashback offer: customers who are Treue + members get 20% cashback per week - well, if that's not nice! There are also free spins and real money bonuses, totally exclusive and even no wagering requirements! If you have any questions or concerns, you simply contact your personal contact directly, who is always available to help via phone and email. With so much support when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, nothing can go wrong.

There are always special promotions within this program. Currently, we are talking about a competition in which Loyalty + members are encouraged to play certain slots for a certain period of time and thus accumulate points. How many points you get depends on both the size of your bet and your winnings. For instance, if you bet €2 and won €100, you would earn 50 points, because the number 2 enters the number 100 exactly 50 times. What is the result? Cash prizes! The winner will receive a €5,000 reward, for a total of €10,000. There are always promotions for Loyalty Club+ members. There is also a rewards system called Levelz™; a spinback feature that makes additional free spins possible.