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EzraBlumenfeld's profile

Metal freak 
Full name:
Ezra Blumenfeld 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death, power, thrash, prog 

Proud contributor since October 24, 2017

Proud Veteran as of March 31, 2018

Proud Metal Freak as of April 17, 2020

Jeg snakker norsk også.

All reviews dedicated to Diamhea (Christopher Santaniello), the best review-queue mod the Archives ever had. Rest in peace.

Current site tasks:
-Keeping Minnesota metal bands up to date
-Reviewing my entire collection in alphabetical order

01/25/16: Black Sabbath

08/20/16: Metallica

10/04/16: Megadeth w/ Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, and Metal Church

05/13/17 - 05/14/17: Northern Invasion including Opeth, Amon Amarth, Gojira, In Flames, and Soundgarden (RIP Chris Cornell)

07/12/17: Slayer w/ Lamb of God and Behemoth

05/23/18: Gary Holt guitar clinic

06/21/18: Chris Broderick guitar clinic

07/23/18: Havok, Jungle Rot, Extinction A.D., Krawg, and Agony Reigns

01/13/19: Ensiferum w/ Septicflesh and Arsis

02/08/19: Mirror of Being, Agony Reigns, Graveslave, Coffinrot, and Descent of Man

03/29/19: Baroness & Deafheaven

05/31/19: Pyreworks

10/06/19: Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, At the Gates, and Grand Magus

12/21/19: Pyreworks

01/26/20: Pyreworks and Strange Frequency

02/19/20: Toxic Holocaust, Skinflint, Cobra Czar, and Agony Reigns

08/07/21: Putrid Pile, Coffin Rites, and Begravement

08/08/21: Coffin Rites and Begravement

09/03/21: Begravement, Blodwar, VolsungaSaga, and Living Through Ghosts

09/17/21: Maul, Pursuit, Begravement, and Widow

09/23/21: Judas Priest and Sabaton

10/16/21: Gorgatron, Chaotic Entity, Begravement, and Vessels

10/30/21: Begravement

11/13/21: Agony Reigns, Coffin Rites, and Sentenced 2 Die

11/28/21: Sanguisugabogg, Frozen Soul, Vomit Forth, and Inoculation

12/02/21: Blood Incantation, Primitive Man, and Void Rot

12/09/21: Swallow the Sun, Abigail Williams, Wilderun, and Phlegethon

01/14/22: Inhuman Condition, Micawber, Crusadist, Coffin Rites, and Begravement

02/07/22: Maul, Gored Embrace, and Begravement

02/25/22: Nile, Incantation, Sanguisugabogg, and Agony Reigns

03/01/22: 200 Stab Wounds, Bloodgeon, Inviction, and Archaea

03/12/22: Begravement, VolsungaSaga, and Idle Death

3/19/22: Lich King, Toxic Ruin, Stonecutters, Rad Enhancer, and Coffin Rites

04/06/22: D.R.I., Intent, Semtex, Lockgnar, and Begravement

04/23/22: Inviction and Pyreworks

04/29/22: Begravement

04/30/22: Deterioration, Hate Beast, and Annihilation Process

05/01/22: Mastodon, Opeth, and Khemmis

05/05/22: Hypocrisy, Carach Angren, The Agonist, Hideous Divinity, and Nekrotisk

05/17/22: Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel

05/20/22: Begravement

05/21/22: Symphony X and Haken