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A General Breakdown:
96-100% - Near to absolute perfection. Essential to those who love metal
90-95% - great album, essential to a fan of that genre/band
80-89% - A good album, recommended to fans of that genre/band
70-79% - A solid album, worth checking out to fans of the genre/band
60-69% - An album thats lacking/mediocre one with a few inspired songs
50-59% - Mediocre, or only a few songs worth hearing
40-49% - Drowning in a sea of average
30-39% - Poor or Annoying to listen to
20-29% - No musical value.
10-19% - Terrible or Painful to listen to
1-9% - No idea how it can be aesthetically pleasing to anyone
0% - I would rather pass a kidney stone while having diarrhea and projectile vomiting than listen to this again.

A general, maybe more accurate idea is that the top 20% (80-100%) is recommender in general, and maybe something I might give to the uninitiated in that band or genre...
70-80 would be good for fans of the genre, but someone who doesn't like, say, thrash metal, probably won't be sold if it's a thrash album...
60-70 Would be for fans of the band...
50-60 is Hardcore fans only
Below 50 is hard for me to recommend to anyone.

I try to rate the album as it may apply to the average metalhead, but in some cases it may bear bringing up that although metal is my favorite genre, I'm not a metal purist, or elitist. So although an album may not be the best metal album, if it's a solid rock album, it may have a higher score than the average purist might give it. On the other hand, my liking an album may not guarantee an album a high score if I feel it's not metal enough for the average metalhead.