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Metal newbie 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):

I'm basically a music addict that was drawn to metal because of its heaviness, authenticity and complexity. Other than metal my favorite genres of music are Prog and Classic rock, Classical and Jazz. I like pretty much everything in music other than rap pop country and 99.9% of modern rock. Other than that i'm a gaming and anime addict as well as a huge history buff. I also need to get into more thrash and traditional heavy metal. Oh, I also have a penchant for puttimg myself through [musical]torture to get to bash it later.

Rating Scale -

100% - A near flawless example not only of metal but of music itself

95-99% - A classic album, genre defining

90-94% - An outstanding album, pick this up without reservation.

80-89% - An excellent album, but is hindered by a few weak tracks or flaws that prevents it from scoring higher. Well worth buying whether you are a fan of the genre of not.

70-79% A good album worth buying if you are a fan of the genre.

60-69% Either a good album with several problems, or an otherwise average album helped by outstanding tracks or musical potential.

50-59% - An average album in every sense of the world.

40-49% - A mediocre album. This is where it starts to become irritating to listen to.

30-39% - A bad album with glaring flaws that is painful to listen to.

20-29% - Terrible album with little to no redeeming qualties.

10-19 - A cruel joke and a form of torture.

0-9% - An argument for athiesm. A loving god would not allow this abomination to exist.