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Metal newbie 
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Lord Erragal 
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black metal 

Lord Erragal

Erragal is a one man dark ambient black metal/mesopotamian dark ambient band from baghdad/iraq..formed by Erragal(offecialy as yassir)in 2009.playing piano and keyboards with ambient effects which gives the the main theme of Erragal`s music as a Mesopotamian touches with some dark oriental attitude...the general lyrical theme based on sumerian mythology so as babylonian myths..talking about the ancient pagan gods and paganism in that time with mixture of blesphamy and antireligious thoughts..the music have been developed into black metal/dark ambient in the 1st full length "the forgotten land" released in 2011
discography :
Erragal Demo 2010
Dedicated To My Lost Soul EP 2010
Anthems Of Isolation EP 2011
Nin Hur Sag EP 2011
The Forgotten Land Full-length 2011

Amelnakru is a parallel project of Erragal , a depressive black metal band from Iraq / a side project for Lord Erragal
Amelnakru translated from sumerian Cuneiform as enemy
release the 1st demo in augest 2011 and with a sound of euphoric and dreary environments with desolate and screams penetrating based on hate, wrath, failure and dark nature. With a new approach and art quite different to Erragal.
discography :
Amelnakru Demo 2011
Napistum Split 2011
Monomania EP 2011

Kurgal is a dark rituals/ambient /neo-classical project from baghdad/iraq founded in 2011
with a theme of folkloric Mesopotamian atmospheres influenced by wongraven in it's own attitude
released a split with Annorkoth under the title "Through The Woods And Mountains" 2011

Bil Ur Sag : is a blackened death metal band from Baghdad/Iraq
Bil Ur Sag was an old idea by Lord Erragal & lateef to create a blackened death metal band back to 2010 , according to lack of equipments and members , the projects been delayed so as the lack of time for each member been busy with his own project , now members are united with a new guitarist to create the blackened death metal project that ever been promised , a Babylonian war lyrical theme is the main attitude