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Metal lord 
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United Kingdom 

Black / Raw Black metal "Specialist".

My review system :

0-10% - A release with this score is generally, at its best, boring and redundant. At its worst, it represents the lowest point in the bands career, and perhaps a nadir of the scene. Any points given may represent a fleeting riff or drum fill that stands out, a cool song title, or nice bit of artwork. Anything between 2-10 points can be thought of as collateral - polishing the proverbial turd, if you like.

11-20% - A release scoring in this bracket will represent a huge disappointment - something that at least had something going for it when listened to, but turned out to be a sloppy, congealed mess of noise and stagnant ideas. If this was a train, it would be travelling backwards, and you'd be looking ahead at cool landmarks passing you by and fading away forever - a bit like any hopes this release would pin on you. It would at least have tracks that can stand out above others though.

21-30% - This bracket denotes releases that clearly live up to their status as a demo. If applied to a full-length, avoid with caution. Musicianship is at a premium, but there's merit enough here to maybe look back at this and think "that song was alright - shame about the rest of the release".

31-40% - Releases in this bracket are generally cohesive from start to finish, but lack anything to make them special. Each track is (usually) inoffensive, but entirely forgettable. On listening to this, you feel neither satisifed or in anyway content.

41-50%. - This denotes a perfectly average release. You can identify and with some confidence enjoy each instrument that makes up the release. Shortcomings are ripe and easy to pluck and dissect, but moments of interest and genuine talent are as frequent and rewarding as they are lacking.

51-60% - Given to releases on the verge of finding a niche, or perhaps a micro-label deal. These will often be traded around a lot and loved by a devoted few, but lack the real adeptness that is expected of them. Usually famous more for limitation than actual music, but with clear prowess.

61-70% - These releases are highly enjoyable and should be purchased by anyone the description appeals to. This score is akin to maybe a first album or successful demo. Most tracks are enjoyable, and at least one sticks in the craw and becomes an obsession.

71-80% - Not only are these releases above average - they can be considered potential classics. Most songs are great, and the combination of music, art, overall aesthetic and everything else not just works for me, it excels.

81-90% - These releases are outstanding and are considered essential. From start to finish, they're fully captivating and command respect.

91-99% - This release is quite simply poetry in motion. It's either created a huge niche, a sub-genre, or become a rightly-awarded modern-day piece of art. Listening to this is an experience that blows aside all preconceptions. I expect every 1 in 50 releases I hear to hit this bracket.

100% - You should never see this score in my portfolio. This denotes that not only is the record perfect, but it is the best record ever created. There is nothing wrong with it - not one single second of songwriting is weaker than the rest - by default this release should change the metal world. If this score is ever given, it will never be again.

If you have anything from my wants list (Collection tab), in any format, I'd especially like to hear from you.

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