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Metal newbie 
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Favourite metal genre(s):
Mostly power and heavy metal 

I'm mostly a fan of the non-extreme genres of metal. I prefer heavy metal and power metal (both the heavy and the more melodic style), and I also like some melodic death metal and thrash metal, although I rarely listen to it. I also love metal with folk influences, pretty much everything from Ensiferum to Elvenking. I can listen to death and black metal, but "true" black metal and really brutal death metal are completely alien to me. I like some prog metal, but I find most of it to be dreadfully boring.

My review scale:
100% - Perfect in every way. You'll probably never see a 100 review from me.
90-99% - Masterpiece
80-89% - Great album, a safe purchase for fans of the genre.
70-79% - Good album, no more, no less.
60-69% - Decent, but nothing spectacular.
50-59% - Average
40-49% - Mediocre
30-39% - Bad
0-29% - Complete garbage

I probably won't write many negative reviews, because of my attention span and my ethic of standard when it comes to reviewing. I want to give an album a few spins before reviewing it, and usually I just don't have patience to sit through a bad album more than once or twice.