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100%: an undying classic, absolutely perfect. Every person should own it, metalhead or not... buy or die!

90%: milestone in its genre. If you listen to this kind of metal this album is a total must-have, and you should listen to many of its songs even if it's not your usual cup of tea.

80%: great in its genre. This album presents some flaws, but the overall quality is definitely high: if you already like the style of the band, or really love their genre, you can't miss it! Give it a try if you're interested into this kind of metal, too.

70%: good in its genre. This album presents some defects and few fillers, therefore I can't recommend to buy it "sight unseen" and full price: try and listen to some songs if you're fan of the band or the genre.

60%: decent in its genre. This album has major flaws in execution or production and/or a great quantity of filler or annoying features, mixed with some good/very good songs and brilliant ideas. Only for absolute-lovers of the genre.

50%: like above, but without the great songs/ideas; usually bought only by completists of the band.

<50%: No ideas, terrible execution, horrible production. In other words, totally and absolute crap.