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ElectricEye's profile

Full name:
The Eye 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Metal metal 

I like most kinds of metal, especially the good old '80s stuff - tr00, speed, thrash, doom, NWOBHM, and so on. Some death metal, some power. I put honesty above all - cheap hooks, great production or technical proficiency means nothing to me, if there is no heart in the music.

I'll give my album ratings in 5% increments. Really, what's the difference between 61 and 62%?

Also, I don't hand out top ratings lightly, like a lot of people here tend to do (i.e. only review their absolute favourite albums, or give everything 90% or better - I can't take your reviews seriously if I don't know what you dislike as well as what you like). If I give something 90% or better, it means that I truly consider it to stand out from the bulk of metal albums.

100% is reserved for "Sad wings of destiny" alone.
95% - As good as music created by mortals get!
90% - Classic! Not perfect, but absolutely essential.
85% - Essential, unless you thoroughly despise the genre.
80% - Great album, almost essential. Certainly recommended.
75% - Recommended, but be alert that the genre is one you like.