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Favourite metal genre(s):
Really bizarre stuff 

Idea: 'average' music is 50%. This is mediocre, and not worth our time. In the Dutch rating system below a 5.5 won't do, but below a 7 isn't anything to write home about. Band-quality is akin to a bell-curve, with the majority around 50%, and only a rare select few can reach 90+% or 10-%. The majority of reviews should however have around 70%, because the truly bad get filtered out before reaching listener's ears.

If there's one album that deserves a 100%, it's Master's Hammer's Ritual.
Rating interpretation overview:
100 - Nothing bad can be said about this album. Even if you're not a fan of the genre (there's no album everybody likes), then this album still commands respect. People who don't normally like the genre might like this album. This album innovates the genre, innovates the band's sound, has inspired and influenced several bands, and no other band has reached it's level or succesfully emulated the sound. Timeless classic, that both teases your brains and makes you bang them out of your skull.
95 - Classic among classics.
90 - Definitely a classic of the genre/metal. Might have appeal out of the genre's fanbase. The sound is just right, and the music just takes you.
85 - The album definitely has something special about it. Very likeable. You might not like it, but it's apparent others could. A classic according to many.
80 - One of the better of the genre, but not as good as the best of the genre. If you're a fan of the genre, you might want to check this one out, good chance it has appeal to you.
75 - For the fans.
70 - Apreciable, if you're *really* a fan of the genre, and can't get enough of that certain sound. For example you like a band a lot, and are looking for a band that sounds a bit like them, even if just not as good.
60 - Just slightly out of the muck. The band doesn't rise much though, but they have that bit of extra to seperate them from the truly mediocre.
50 - The truly mediocre. Clonebands, uninspired derivatives, band x from genre y. Hey, it's listenable, but you have no reason to because there simply are much better bands to check out. Sometimes you like this kind of bands because they were the first of the genre you heard, or for a particular reason, but you've got to admit, they're not anything special once you find out about the better bands. A 50 doesn't pass the test of worth.
40 - Now it's getting uninspired. Standard songstructures, standard riffs. Bland really. If this is the first band in the genre you heard you might think bad of the genre.
30 - could use some practice. Not to mention originality.
20 - This is pathetic! Off-key, off-rythm, and not a sparkle of interestingness. And get a real vocalist!
10 - Geez, it could be this bad? Some musicians make me want to use chlorine on the genepool.
0 - WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME WITH THIS?!? (yes I'm talking about you, Necromicon-ex-vocalist and band!) These musicians should be hung by their nads and then shot. And their parents should be relocated to an off-shore drillingplatform where they will perform slave-labour, so the heinous influence of their genes on society as a whole can be stopped and amended.
I do believe there are good bands in every conceivable genre. Heck, even found a good noise band.

My recommendations of little/less known bands per genre (limited to one band):
Heavy Metal: Hammerhead
Heavy Metal with keyboards: Anvil Chorus (later stuff)
Symphonic Metal: Power Symphony
Evil Powermetal/Keyboard Metal: Firstborn Evil
Progressive Metal: Sun Caged
Speed Metal: Brocas Helm (newer)
Avant Garde Metal: Anubi
Gothic Metal: Angis (from Lithuania)
Industrial Black Metal: Choronzon
Black Metal: Deathcode of the Abyss
Death Metal: Vomiturition
Industrial Death Metal: Red Harvest
Industrial Metal: G//z/r aka Geezer
Thrash Metal: Znowhite (Act of God-album)
South American death-thrash aka proto-black: Vulcano
Czech death-thrash: Avenger (Czech)
Dark Metal: Root
Folk Metal: Triarchy of Vasconia (Ilbeltz, Aiumeen Basoa and Adhur)
Viking Metal: Ensiferum
Metal parody: Blackseed Boys

Recommendations from other genres:
Grindcore with Jazz-influences: Naked City
Metalcore: Lamb of God
Sonic terror: Stalaggh
Noise: Einstuerzende Neubaute
Industrial dark ambient: Stratvm Terror
Dark Ambient: Coph Nia
Darkwave: Aesma Daeva
Gothic-electro: Samsas Traum
Electro with an industrial edge: T. Raumschmiere
Electro: Fischerspooner
Folk: Corvus Corax
Chamber Rock(?): Godspeed: You Black Emperor!
Drum&Bass: Concord Dawn (check out Raining Blood!)
Triphop/DnB: Lamb
Dub: The Egg-files (compilation)
Rock: Yel
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal: Grim Reaper
Classical Music: Shostakovich' 10th Symphony
Soundtrack: Koyaanisqatsi