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Echobreather's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
No, I'm not Paul Baloff. Should I? 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Trap Metal 

I am the grind elitist. I'm pretty much the grindcore equivalent of UltraBoris, but I do have appreciation for other genres of metal and music as well. So follow me and you will probably have a better understanding of what grindcore is. I'm typically nit-picky when it comes to extreme metal, but I' also one of the more open-minded reviewers here who doesn't have a problem with commerce music or mallcore. I'm mostly here to write reviews. I don't know what else I really should do here besides making small adjustments to releases and whatnot.

A few important things about me:

Drummer of Marutaud
Proud MA member since 20th april 2022
Hoping to get at least thousand points one day.
My heroes on this website: BastardHead, Noktorn, BuriedUnborn, Orbitball

Rating scale (it's probably more positive than other people's ratings):

100% - 80%: Great, worth listening to regularly
80% - 60%: Good, worth a listen from time to time
60% - 40%: Alright, no strong feelings towards it
40% - 20%: Bad, is not worth your time to be spent on
20% - 0%: Terrible, avoid this and don't listen to it

Favorite bands in no particular order from different genres:

Thrash metal: Dark Angel
Black metal: Marduk
Grindcore: Napalm Death
Heavy metal: Judas Priest
Death metal: Skinless
Speed metal: Armored Saint
Groove metal: Machine Head
Doom metal: Cathedral or Eyehategod (this is a tight one)
Sludge metal: Buzzoven
Industrial metal: Killing Joke
Gothic metal: Type O Negative
Goregrind: Pathologist
Pornogrind: Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland
Progressive metal: Voivod
Brutal death metal: Decrepit Birth
Crossover thrash: D.R.I.
Post-hardcore: A Skylit Drive
Post-punk: Joy Division
Metalcore: Miss May I
Deathcore: Born of Osiris
Power-violence: Sex Prisoner
Trancecore: I See Stars
Nu metal: Limp Bizkit or Papa Roach (another tight one, and a shameless one)
Alt. rock: Incubus (the band who wrote the song "Pardon Me")
Britpop: Blur
Progressive rock: Genesis
Glam metal: Motley Crue
Post-metal: Rosetta
Melodic death metal: Arch Enemy (ONLY Johan Liiva era)
Slam death metal: Kraanium
Folk metal: none, it inherently sucks