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Dying_Hope's profile

Metal freak 
Full name:
Dying Hope 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Metal in all its magic shapes! 


01 - Once Upon A Dying_Hope
02 - Additional Collection
03 - Lyrics By Dying_Hope


There is nothing special to say about me...
I am just one of many hopes that lay dying,
not because I am a negative one
I am just a hopeless, dreamy human :D

So my nickname isn't that negative
as it may seem, even if I love to dwell
on the melancholic side of life.
But hey, melancholy shows beauty,
and gives wisdom at times.

I love Metal in general!
From Death- to Power Metal,
over Thrash- to Progressive Metal.
No matter what genre it is,
I've been fallen in love with it.

(The only thing I hate to the core is,
that fucking Nazi-shit called NSBM!!!
Fuck it, tear it apart and throw it away,
Nobody needs this fucking shit!!!)

Metal was life-changing for me and still is.
It evolved into a kind of obsession,
so I'll never will get out of it.
I try to find wealth in other music genres,
but these genres aren't mostly not that far away from Metal xD

Oh, I am a german, so my english isn't
that good at times.
And yeeees, even though I am a german,
I despite the Nazi-shit! xD xD xD

My work here is important for me,
because I see the greatest Database world wide in here.
I love to modify some lyric fields as good as I can!!!
I think people are way too sloppy with that!

Lyrics are so fucking important,
and it is a Hell of work to re-write it.
But even though it is alot of work,
I fucking love it!!!!!

My profile here is a good thing I think xD
Please don't take it too serious,
I built it so ambitious because it is fun xD
I love to built such pages! :)

Bro's and Sis'...
Don't do it for the points!
Do it for the Metal!!!!

So stay Heavy,
my Brothers and Sisters in Metal!
With a little Metal, the world seems better! \m/

I love this site!!!


(Progressive Folk Rock)

- Auri


☢-Avenged Sevenfold-☢
(Metalcore/Alternative Metal/Heavy Metal)

- Sounding the seventh Trumpet
- Waking the Fallen
- City of Evil
- Avenged Sevenfold
- Nightmare
- Hail to the King
- The Stage


☢-Bleed The Sky-☢

- Paradigm in Entropy
- Murder the Dance


☢-Bring Me The Horizon-☢
(Deathcore/Metalcore/Alternative Metal)

- Count your Blessings
- Suicide Season
- There is a Hell, believe me I've seen it...
- Sempiternal
- That's the Spirit


☢-Bullet For My Valentine-☢
(Melodic Metalcore/Thrash Metal)

- The Poison
- Scream, Aim, Fire
- Fever
- Temper, Temper
- Venom


☢-Dead By Sunrise-☢
(Alternative Rock)

- Out Of Ashes


(Industrial Metal)

- Synthetic Generation
- Termination Bliss
- Night, Electric Night
- The Perfect Cult


☢-Dir En Grey-☢
(Japanese Rock/Extreme Alternative Metal)

- Gauze
- Macabre
- Kisou
- Vulgar
- Withering to Death.
- The Marrow of a Bone
- Uroboros
- Dum Spiro Spero
- Arche
- The Insulated World


(Gothic Rock/Alternative Metal)

- Fallen
- The Open Door
- Evanescence


(Gothic Metal/Rock)

- Greatest Lovesongs, Vol. 666
- Razorblade Romance
- Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights
- Love Metal
- ...And Love said No - The Greatest Hits 1997-2004 (Compilation)
- Dark Light
- Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 (Remix Compilation)
- Venus Doom
- Screamworks: Love in Theory & Practice, Chapter 1-13
- XX: Two Decades of Love Metal (Compilation)
- Tears on Tape


☢-In Extremo-☢
(Medieval Rock)

- Die Goldene
- Hameln
- Weckt die Toten


☢-Ill Niño-☢
(Alternative/Latin Metal)

- Revolution Revolución
- Confession
- One Nation Underground
- Enigma
- Dead New World
- Epidemia
- Till Death, La Familia


☢-Jonathan Davis-☢
(Alternative Metal)

- Black Labyrinth


(Nu Metal)

- KoЯn
- Life is Peachy
- Follow the Leader
- Issues
- Untouchables
- Deuce (DVD)
- Take a look in the Mirror
- See you on the Other Side
- Untitled
- KoЯn III: Remember who you are
- The Path of Totality
- The Paradigm Shift
- The Serenity of Suffering


☢-Limp Bizkit-☢
(Nu Metal)

- Three Dollar Bill, Y'all
- Significant Other
- Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavored Water
- New Old Songs
- Results May Vary
- The Unquestionable Truth (Part: 1)
- Gold Cobra


☢-Linkin Park-☢
(Nu Metal/Alternative Rock)

- Hybrid Theory
- Crawling (Single)
- Reanimation
- Meteora
- Minutes to Midnight
- A Thousand Suns
- Living Things
- The Hunting Party
- One More Light


(Nu Metal/Alternative Metal)

- L.D. 50
- The Beginning of all Things to End (EP)
- The End of all Things to come
- Lost and Found
- The New Game
- Mudvayne


(Horror Punk)

- Beyond the Valley of the Muderdolls
- Women & Children Last... And Revenge was the Main Course


(Nu Metal)

- XX
- Savior Sorrow
- Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children
- The Righteous & The Butterfly


(Djent/Progressive Metal)

- Periphery
- Periphery II: This Time it's Personal
- Clear (EP)
- Juggernaut: Alpha
- Juggernaut: Omega
- Periphery III: Select Difficulty


☢-P.O.D. (Payable On Death)-☢
(Nu Metal/Alternative Metal)

- Snuff the Punk
- Brown
- The Fundamental Elements of Southtown
- Satellite
- Payable on Death
- Testify
- Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years
- Murdered Love
- The Awakening


(Neue Deutsche Härte/Industrial Metal)

- Herzeleid
- Sehnsucht
- Mutter
- Reise, Reise
- Rosenrot
- Liebe ist für alle da


☢-Roadrunner United-☢

- The Allstar Session


☢-Scar the Martyr-☢
(Alternative Metal)

- Scar the Martyr


(Alternative Rock)

- Disclaimer II
- Karma & Effect
- Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces


(Nu Metal/Alternative Metal)

- Slipknot
- Iowa
- Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses
- Vermilion (Single)
- Duality (Single)
- All Hope is Gone
- .5: The Gray Chapter


☢-Stone Sour-☢
(Alternative Metal)

- Stone Sour
- Come What(ever) May
- Audio Secrecy
- House of Gold & Bones (Part: 1)
- House of Gold & Bones (Part: 2)
- Hydrograd


☢-System Of A Down-☢
(Alternative Metal)

- System Of A Down
- Toxicity
- Steal This Album!
- Mesmerize
- Hypnotize


☢-Tenacious D-☢
(Hard Rock)

- Tenacious D
- The Pick of Destiny


(Djent/Progressive Metal)

- One
- Altered State
- Polaris
- Sonder