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Dying_Hope's profile

Metal freak 
Full name:
Dying Hope 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Metal in all its magic shapes! 

●A Gathering of Willows●

《~Chapter 1~》

•Part 1: The Gathering•

Step by step further into the dark
within the forest void of stars,
where fog float whispering above roots
in this desolation of our doom.

Bow your head then tears will fall
and sorrow will bleed out of all
the things unsaid and things undone,
though we know an end to come.

In the eerie dark we hold lanterns to shine
a light of gold into directions we align.
Though we can see we will stay blind
to the light instead we dwell in rites that bind.

Through cathedrals of trees that bow
to the fact that given time ends now.
Lost beneath bleeding roots of gloom,
in this gathering of willows we're entombed.

•Part 2: Crumbling Plateau•

Eyes that stare through souls,
tears that's been shed for pride.
Words sunken in sheer anger
twist and turn to the inside.

The space between the words,
the silence beneath the sighs.
Giants on crumbling ground
falling equally.

Near thirty years slipped away
in one cold hour of despair.
A pale sun dawned that day,
eight months nobody cared!

Words like blades cut deep,
shadows and loss fills the room.
As the skies began to weep
a lonely candle drowns too soon.

Sounds echoing inside,
pictures of the last strife
playing a gloomy cabaret
before the inner eye.

Thinking of forgiveness,
pride's taking more but gives less.
There seems no way out of this state,
so we will be eight months too late!

Thirty years were washed away
in this damned hour of despair.
The pale sun wept that day,
now we wished we'd cared!

Words are now echoes in time,
just hollow letters of the dead.
The pain of yours, the pain of mine
has wasted the moments we had.

•Part 3: Shadow Realm•

Wading through the void
with guilt as my companion,
eight months of silence has
sewn my blistered lips.

Within the dark I'm blind,
pictures of strife and tears
run before my inner eye
and hope disappears.

Within a tattered heartbeat I
decide to cower and to die,
to dwell in hate for my deeds
and curse my narrow-minded needs.

Pale sun, take away my sorrow,
lift the clouds upon tomorrow,
or I slip from the edge of the pier
into realms of my own fear.

Where my own words will haunt me,
where your face remains a wreck.
There I'll be waiting for salvation
to tie a rope around my neck.

I hope you hear me
crying in regret,
I know you hear
every word I've said.

Please forgive me,
in deepest shame I dwell.
Please forgive me,
for I know my words too well.

Redemption lies ahead
in forgiving myself,
not knowing how to cope
with the power of this realm.

And still I wonder
under October skies
if you can hear these
pleadings on your tides.

•Part 4: October Skies•

Clear beams of sunlight breaks
through the roofs of leaves,
leaves that carry the footsteps
beneath our tired feets.

Some came to say goodbye,
some came to leave a sigh.
Some never cease to mourn,
equally broken and torn.

October skies burning bright
in the colors of evening light.
The air carries scents of loss,
broken spirits surrounding us.

And in this hour the wind became
a silent choir that spells your name.
Hearts weigh heavy in this place
where autumn leaves are set ablaze.

Some came to face the truth,
some will relive their youth.
Some bow their heads in shame,
some brought back their pain.

A gathering of willows,
a cabaret of fears.
Wet faces pressed in pillows
drowning in their tears.

Sleep well beneath the burning leaves,
for light will guide the way to Heaven.
Sleep well beneath the burning leaves
because you are forgiven.