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Depersonalizationilosophy's profile

Full name:
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Funeral Doom 

Worst Genres:

Groove Metal
Symphonic Metal

Feel free to add me at any of these accounts:

Metal Storm:

Also for a bit of background, the reviews I wrote in the past may not be reflective about how I feel about them today. I called Norska - Norska a perfect album. While that may have been my feelings at the time, I went back to it and in no way is it a perfect album. I don't even like it too much to be honest. I think the reason for this is that it was my first exposure to Doom Metal that wasn't Black Sabbath. But for the most part, I feel my reviews are somewhat accurate to what I currently feel. If you want to learn more about me just go to my Metal Storm account.

- January 25, 2019

It took me several years but I think I found both my metal foundation and my music foundation.

Metal Foundation:

Black Metal, Death Metal, Funeral Doom Metal, Speed Metal, Technical Thrash Metal, and Ambient

Music Foundation:

Black Metal, Death Metal, Folk, Ethereal Wave, Dream Pop, Progressive Rock, Jazz Hip-Hop, Ambient, Classical, Shoegaze

I haven't gone too deep into folk, ambient, and classical music so I can't give you specifics on those yet. But for classical I am leaning toward Baroque, Opera, or Piano-Based Music but there are some genres of it I still haven't explored.