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Demiurgus's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Jun Zhang 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black Metal, Doom Metal 

From Darkness, Daylight is born; in Darkness, Daylight Die. I've tried my best to work on the most ambitious Chinese music magazine - DRAGONLAND, which supports Extreme Metal, Neo-Classical, Neo-Folk and all music genres with strong background and ideology. Many interviews had been done to reach this stage, such as great interviews with bands / projects such as ANAAL NATHRAKH, ANCIENT RITES, ANTAEUS, SAVERSE SEFIRA, BETHLEHEM, BORKNAGAR, CRUACHAN, DARKANE, DESTROYER 666, FALCONER, GREEN CARNATION, HEDNINGARNA, IMPIETY, KATAKLYSM, MERCENARY, MY DYING BRIDE, NIFELHEIM, OPERA MULTI STEEL, O QUAM TRISTIS, PRIMORDIAL, REBAELLIUN, SEPTIC FLESH, SLUMBER, SUMMONING, THE GREAT DECEIVER, THE KOVENANT, THY VEILS, THYRFING, TRISTITIA, UNLEASHED and etc. In order to introduced them to our youngsters and readers. I can always hear the Sea, feel the clouds above haunt me still, but now, Dreams are already Dead, Golden Age of Darkness has passed away. Joy becomes Saddness, as enter a Martyr and exit the King... "If tomorrow will be another day, how about today?" "Today is the tomorrow we were promised yesterday; and tomorrow never comes until it's too late." It's too late, my friends, but I am still going to say I might become the most positive pessimist you have known.