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Delivereroffaith's profile

Full name:
Who really cares? 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Goregrind 

Everything you see in my collection was bought, purchased, paid for, traded, won or offered to me. No cheap-ass mp3 burned CDs here, only genuine pieces of metal music.

Releases I own not listed in the Encyclopedia's database:

Non-metal releases:
- Apiary, Lost in Focus
- Analwhore, PORNORAMA
- Analwhore/Tumour/Urine Festival
- Biohazard, Urban Discipline
- Biohazard, State of the World Adress (embossed orange jewel case)
- Bitter End, Guilty as Charged
- Black Stone Cherry, S/T
- Blues Pills, S/T
- Body Count, Cop Killer
- Cancer Bats, Dead Set on Living
- Cold Hard Truth, Deliver the Fear
- Cunthunt 777, Überdosis
- Devil's Train, S/T
- Disrupt, Unrest
- Driller Killer, Brutalize
- Driller Killer, Fuck the World
- Driller Killer, Reality Bites
- Driller Killer, And the Winner Is...
- Driller Killer, Cold, Cheap and Disconnected
- Driller Killer, The 4Q Mangrenade
- Earth Crisis, Destroy the Machines
- Earth Crisis, Gomorrah's Season Ends
- Earth Crisis, Breed the Killers
- Earth Crisis, Slither
- Earth Crisis, Last of the Sane
- Earth Crisis, To the Death
- Enemy Soil, Smashes the State! 1991 - 1998
- Eliwagar, Fjellfolk Saga fra Forntiden
- Fall Brawl, Cold World
- Gronibard, S/T
- Hatebreed, Under the Knife
- Hatebreed, Perseverance
- Hatebreed, The Rise of Brutality
- Hatebreed, Supremacy
- Hatebreed, S/T
- Hatebreed, The Divinity of Purpose
- Ion Dissonance, Breathing is Irrelevant
- Ion Dissonance, Solace
- Ion Dissonance, Minus the Herd
- Ion Dissonance, Cursed
- Jess and the Ancient Ones, S/T (LP)
- Kadavar, Abra Kadavar (Digipack & LP)
- Last Days of Humanity, The Sound of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around your Coffin
- Last Days of Humanity, Hymns of Indigestible Suppuration
- Last Days of Humanity, Putrefaction in Progress
- Last Days of Humanity, Rest in Gore 1989 - 2006
- Lonely Kamel, Shit City
- Madball, Demonstrating my Style
- Madball, Infiltrate the System
- Mad Shadow, Heavy Blues
- The Moon and the Nightspirit, Regö Rejtem
- Nirnaeth, Nirnaeth Arnoediad
- Orplid, Greifenherz
- Reborn to Conquer, Full Court Press
- Reborn to Conquer, Homicide
- Rot, Cruel Face of Life
- Rox Diamond, S/T
- Six Ft. Ditch, Unlicensed Cemetary
- Six Ft. Ditch, Voices from an Evil God
- Six Ft. Ditch, Recreational Violence
- Stuck Mojo, Rising
- Textures, Polars
- Textures, Drawing Circles
- Textures, Silhouettes
- Textures, Dualism
- Totalt Jävla Mörker, S/T
- Totalt Jävla Mörker, Söndra & Härska
- Urine Festival, Of a Hermaphroditic Enema & Urophilic Pissparty Pleasures
- The Vintage Caravan, Voyage
- Vision of Disorder, S/T
- War From a Harlot's Mouth, Transmetropolitan
- War From a Harlot's Mouth, In Shoals
- Words of Concrete, East German Cold
- Year of the Goat, Angels' Necropolis

Various artists compilations:
- Apocalypse, Chapitre 66 - Livre Premier
- As We Die For... Paradise Lost
- At Death's Door II
- Blackend, the Black Metal Compilation volume 1
- Encyclopedia Pestilentia
- Gods of Darkness
- Morbid Tunes of the Black Angels 1 (#154)
- Nordic Metal, A Tribute to Euronymous
- Prostitue-toi au Diable (#047/200)
- Sevared Records - Open Wounds Comp. 2008
- Southern Elite Circle
- Swedish Death Metal
- Uncontrolled Laxative Abuse
- The Night and the Fog part II
- The Night and the Fog part III
- The World Domination
- The World Domination II
- The World Domination III
- The World Domination Live

Bootleg releases:
- Burzum, Den Store Samlingen
- Burzum, Once Emperor
- Burzum, Ragnarok, A New Beginning
- Cradle of Filth, Sodomizing the Virgin Vamps
- Dark Funeral, The Secrets of the Black Past
- Darkthrone, A Night of Unholy Black Metal
- Immortal, Plague of Evil
- Iron Maiden, Roskilde Festival June 27th 2003
- Mayhem/Morbid, A Tribute to the Black Emperors
- Mayhem, Born in the Hands of Doom (#44/66)
- Mayhem, From the Darkest Past
- Mayhem, In Memorium
- Mayhem, Live in Zeitz
- Mayhem, Pure Fucking Armageddon
- Mayhem, The Great War, Live in Jessheim
- Mayhem, The True Armageddon
- Mayhem, Worship Those who Ruled (#33/111)
- Satyricon, The Festivals Burns
- Tsjuder, Gathered in Helvete
- Unleashed, Live March 1993

Original Soundtracks:
- Ghosts of Mars
- Judgment Night