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DeathGrind75's profile

Full name:
Adam Thompson 
United Kingdom 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Thrash, Death, Doom/Stoner 

Hi! I'm Adam, I'm 31 and live in England (in the Midlands) and have been into music since I was knee-high to a grasshopper! I first got into heavy rock when I was about 8 or 9 - early faves being Purple, Sabbath, Maiden, Zeppelin, DC, Leppard, Priest, etc., the usual. I saw my first gig in '85: Saxon at Birmingham Odeon (some experience for a 10-yr-old!). Soon I discovered heavier bands tho. I started listening to Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Show (BBC Radio 1) in the mid-80s and he was playing stuff like Armored Saint, Metal Church, Metallica and Anthrax. 'Master Of Puppets' had a big affect on me, but then Kreator released 'Pleasure To Kill' and it blew me away - so heavy and brutal, like nothing I'd heard before. After this I was a confirmed thrash-addict - I started buying records by Venom, Slayer, Destruction, VoiVod, Dark Angel, Onslaught.. Then I bought Mayhem's legendary 'Deathcrush' which was pretty wild for the time, and soon after Napalm Death's 'Scum' set a new precendent for extreme music. By about '88 there was all sorts of extreme death metal/grindcore bands coming out of the woodwork and I was getting into bands like Morbid Angel, Death, Pestilence, Autopsy.. Around this time I had started my own fanzine called 'The Crypt' which featured a mixture of thrash/death metal and hardcore. I ran 4 issues of the 'zine, but by about '92/'93, I must admit, I was getting a bit bored of thrash etc. and started listening to more punk, indie, alternative etc. and, tho I feel slightly ashamed to admit it now, I almost completely turned my back on metal for many years. However, with the lack of exciting music over the last few years I've rediscovered the whole genre and started re-buying old classics from the heyday like Exodus' 'Bonded By Blood', Death's 'Scream Bloody Gore' and Possessed's 'Beyond The Gates' in repackaged CD form. I should never have neglected the thrash scene 'cos it shaped my whole musical upbringing; it was intense and exhilerating and makes you realise how boring most of what clogs up our radio airwaves and MTV-screens really is! Also, I met loads of great people during those years growing up - no music scene has a more genuine and impassioned fanbase. Long live Thrash!!! Long live Metal!!!

My Top 20 old-school Thrash/Death Metal releases:-

ANGEL DUST: ‘Into The Dark Past’
AUTOPSY: ‘Severed Survival’
BATHORY: ‘Under The Sign Of The Black Mark’
CELTIC FROST: ‘Morbid Tales’
DARK ANGEL: ‘Darkness Descends’
DEATH: ‘Scream Bloody Gore’
DEATHROW: ‘Raging Steel’
DESTRUCTION: ‘Infernal Overkill’
ENTOMBED: ‘Left Hand Path’
EXODUS: ‘Bonded By Blood’
KREATOR: ‘Pleasure To Kill’
METALLICA: ‘Kill ‘Em All’
METALLICA: ‘Master Of Puppets’
MORBID ANGEL: ‘Altars Of Madness’
NASTY SAVAGE: ‘Indulgence’
PESTILENCE: ‘Consuming Impulse’
SENTINEL BEAST: ‘Depths Of Death’
SLAYER: ‘Reign In Blood’
VENOM: ‘Welcome To Hell’
VOI VOD: ‘Killing Technology’

Other metal/rock faves:-

AC/DC: 'High Voltage'
AC/DC: 'Highway To Hell'
ARMORED SAINT: 'Delirious Nomad'
BLACK SABBATH: 'Black Sabbath'
BLACK SABBATH: 'Master Of Reailty'
CANDLEMASS: 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus'
GIRLSCHOOL: 'Demolition'
IRON MAIDEN: 'Iron Maiden'
IRON MAIDEN: 'Piece Of Mind'
JUDAS PRIEST: 'Stained Class'
MOTORHEAD: 'Overkill'
MOTORHEAD: 'Ace Of Spades'
PRONG: 'Force Fed'
PRONG: 'Beg To Differ'
ROCK GODDESS: 'Rock Goddess'
SAINT VITUS: 'Saint Vitus'
THIN LIZZY: 'Jailbreak'
TROUBLE: 'Psalm 9'