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Metal newbie 

I don't come on here much anymore, but sometimes I feel like coming around.

I don't post album reviews very often but for when I do, here is my rating scale:
100%: Amazing, as high as my enjoyment for an album gets. Realistically, I don't think a "perfect" album truly exists, so if I rate an album 100%, it doesn't really mean that I think it's perfect as much as it just means "close enough" or "if there are flaws, they're miniscule enough to not diminish the score"
80-99%: varying degrees of great/awesome
70-79%: good but not great
60-69%: decent, nothing particularly special but enjoyable enough
50-59%: mid, meh, mediocre, other similar adjectives. I don't use this score range very often but this is what it means lol
40-49%: bad, kinda shitty but not really terrible. Could also apply for an album that's boring but not particularly obnoxious
30-39%: worse, pretty shit, maybe some redeeming qualities
20-29%: terrible, could probably be offensively annoying or offensively boring
10-19%: absolutely awful, barely any redeemable qualities if any at all, offensive in whatever ways
0-9%: liquid shit, the audio equivalent to sticking your dick in a hornet nest