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Favourite metal genre(s):
Progressive, thrash, gothic 

...and these are just my favourites. If I find something interesting, I don't give a damn whether it's U2 or a totally kvlt underground band, as long as the music is good and has a soul. And I'm not metal-only, there are plenty of interesting bands outside of it... though in fact, metal is around 75% of what I listen to. Also note that I love progressive metal (and rock) not for being amazingly technical and 1047/666 time signatures, but for musical depth, complexity, and most importantly - atmosphere. There are few all-technical bands that I find interesting.

I enjoy writing reviews as a kind of interesting (though pretty challenging) hobby. There's still a LONG way ahead until they'll be really good, but I'm learning (and my first few reviews will have to be re-written soon...). Don't worry about plenty of very high ratings, I've started from albums I've really enjoyed. It will change over time. Album ratings I use:
100% - timeless masterpiece, I'm aware of only two albums deserving this rating
95% - amazing album, one step away from perfection
90% - excellent album, pretty much addictive
80% - very good and very enjoyable
70% - good, but could have possibly been more, there are many better releases
60% - not bad... but I won't feel like listening to it as a whole too often
50% - average in every way
40% - below average, a few decent ideas drown in a lake of mediocrity
30-10% - bad, boring, possibly annoying - rating reflects how much
0% - what the hell is this?!

Some of my favourite bands:
Top four: Dream Theater, Riverside, Pain of Salvation, Porcupine Tree
Very important: Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Opeth