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Danowar666's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Dan Whitmer 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
ALL (expect the shitty ones) 

They call me...DANOWAR. I'm still a youngster in the overall spectrum of the heavy metal universe, but personally i think i've come a long way in my few years in this genre. Like many, i started out with commercialized mainstream rock, moving on to heavier 70's rock like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, and finally into Heavy Metal itself. Believe me, going from Cheap Trick to Napalm Death in about 2 years--while attending a Catholic high school, no less--is an interesting scenario.

I am lead guitarist and main songwriter for my own band Hellevate (we have a page on this site, check us out at, I have been playing since 4th grade--about 8 years now. I'm also the creator and sole administrator of one of the largest Heavy Metal groups on (Do Not Use The Horns Unless You Are Metal). I know it's not a huge thing, but it's a small accomplishment i'm proud of.

I'm not one of the scene/mallcore kids you see writing MUSIC IS MY LIFE on 72-point font on myspace (i dont even have a myspace) that go around going, "OMG System of a Down saved my life." However, I do believe it has done many positive things for me. I went through really bad teenage depression in my earlier high school years--looking back it may not seem as bad, but at the time it was hell. Being 14 and in a predominantly white Catholic high school is not a good environment for a budding metalhead (to put it lightly). It really made me the outsider in the school--which many of us were or are at some point in our lives. As with many in this situation, i found solice in Heavy Metal. I'm not gonna claim I would have committed suicide or something wierd like that if it weren't for Heavy Metal, but i will say it's been the biggest positive influence in my life--this is including religion. (Just fyi, i've since changed schools and am now much happier. FUCK THEM)

Enough about that, as for me, I wear my hair long and untamed, save for a few comb strokes. I wear plenty of denim and a good amount of leather. My room is painted red with black accessories, i have posters of everyone from Obituary to Black Sabbath to Slayer to Iron Maiden covering my walls. I've met Ozzy Osbourne twice, as well as the rest of his band. I've met the members of Lamb of God, and I got to play for Mark Morton and was given a personalized guitar pick from him.

As for my guitar equipment, i have a decent collection for my age: a Schecter Diamond Series, a Schecter Damien-7 seven stringer with EMG passive pickups (sounds phenominal), a Dean Dimebag Darrell Signature (signed by the Prince of Fucking Darkness himself), a BC Rich Kerry King signature model, and an Epiphone Les Paul that i won in a drawing. I've also got a Washburn acoustic and Washburn classical guitar. My main setup is a Fender 4x4 with a Crate GT3500H head, connected by my Digitech Metal Master distortion pedal. I've also got a Peavey XXX 2x12.