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Metal newbie 
Full name:
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death Metal and its subgenres 

Top 5 Bands
1. Obscura
2. Opeth
3. Tiamat
4. Death
5. Mors Principium Est

Top 5 Albums
1. The Ending Quest - Gorement
2. Orchid - Opeth
3. Omnivium - Obscura
4. Dark Metal - Bethlehem
5. Scream Bloody Gore - Death

The album that every human being should listen to at least once before they die
Wildhoney - Tiamat

I write reviews (when I get around to it). My policy is to be as objective as possible, yet subjective enough that it seems like I have a soul. Depending on the genre, subjectivity is far more important in reviewing (for example, you can't be objective when reviewing a drone album). Maybe someday I'll write more than 10 reviews...

Rating scale
100 - Perfect, or as close to perfect as possible
95-99 - Pretty damn good. A constant listen
90-94 - Great album, but there's a few flaws that I can't help but notice
85-89 - Still pretty good, yet it could be better
80-84 - I'd still buy it, but I probably won't listen to it that much
75-79 - If I like the band I'll get it, but it's decent enough
70-74 - Listenable, yet pretty mediocre
60-69 - Meh, I'd only listen if I'm really bored
50-59 - If it were any worse, I probably wouldn't even bother
40-49 - Lazy, boring, or just plain bad
30-39 - Starting to test my patience....
20-29 - Falling asleep after the first couple of songs...
10-19 - Stay away!
1-9 - It gets points for existing
0 - Pornogrind

If I like it, I'll admit.

Other than metal, I'm into making game walkthroughs on YouTube. Check me out.

I got a band kinda going