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Black metal, thrash metal 

I am just a guy who is buying too many CDs (according to my wife) and listening to music that blows the plaster off the walls (to quote my father 30 years ago).
Had metal not existed when I started to show interest in music, well, I probably would have invented it.
Ok, just kidding. My musical skills are limited to listening only.
Talking about my faves: there are just too many gifted bands out there. As long as the music is fast, takes no prisoners and is authentic in its own way, I probably will buy into it. And yes, this includes Hardcore, Punk, Crust and alike.

I think I also need to share with you some principles / comments about the reviews I wrote and hopefully am going to write:

I never claimed and never will that I do consider myself a gifted writer. Why then polluting the site here? First I support the freedom of expression. Second I may motivate people to write better reviews than I do. What leads to value add.

Do not expect me to comment on the musical skills of bands. As stated above I am a complete cretin when it comes to differentiate between a c and an a. Tremolo picking sounds like a disease of elderly people for me.

For my first 100+ reviews I do plan to focus on non reviewed and less known bands. For two reasons: one, many of them deserve more attention. Two, less people will care, considering point (1) I made above.

For the unlikely case, that anyone wants to share impressions about my reviews, comment on areas for improvement or wants to tell me to stop wasting my or your time, feel free to contact me. For the even more unlikely case that you want me to write a specific review I am going to start filling my collection as a point of reference.