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Metal newbie 
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Luke Hayhurst 
United Kingdom 
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[GREETINGS], I am Luke from Sheffield in England. I'm currently 26 a massive fan of Metal. I own a small but successful promotions company by the name of Deathdoom Promotions which at present puts on shows at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield, a great venue. I also work with two amazing Metal bands who both hail from Manchester. Sevenyearsdead play Groove Metal and can be found in my top friends along with my promotions outfit and also the second band, blisteringly heavy but always fun, Allerjen. I love music, in fact it's a passion of mine and some of my favorite bands you'll find listed under influences below. As well as music i'm also a massive film nut and enjoy Gangster flicks, Zombie films and war films most of all. [The Godfather * Dawn Of The Dead 1978 * Full Metal Jacket * Apocalypse Now * Day Of The Dead] as well as anything starring Simon Pegg & Nick Frost [Hot Fuzz * Spaced * Shawn Of The Dead * Run Fatboy Run * How To Lose Friends & Alienate People * Big Train] I also love my sport, the favourite of which is Formula One [Go Lewis!!] and Football [Leeds United] I'm always keen to meet new people so please feel free to message me if you want to chat! :)