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Cassandra_Leo's profile

United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, folk, prog, avant-garde 

I also really like death, grind, and doom, but there isn't enough room in the field to indicate that. I probably listen to more black metal than anything else, but that might just be because I own more black metal than anything else.

I own a lot more than is currently listed in my collection due to the fact that I haven't updated it in over a decade. Vinyl has been by far my preferred format for physical media for decades, but I usually buy digital copies from Bandcamp these days because it enables me to support more artists. I probably have at least 200 vinyl albums, of which most are metal. Right now I only have 132 items in my collection, and about half of those are CDs. Updating it is a very time-consuming process, and I didn't bother keeping it up-to-date for years, so it'll probably be a long time before it's complete, particularly since I don't even have a complete list of the albums I own anywhere right now.

In addition to metal (and progressive rock, and music generally), I'm obsessed with left-wing politics - I score firmly in the bottom-left quadrant of the Political Compass (, though I regard this as an imperfect resource), which makes me nearly as anarchist as one can get. However, I'm pretty apathetic about the political leanings of musicians I listen to. I won't send money directly to Nazis, but other than that I don't care.

I've long intended to unlazy myself and write more reviews. I only do this occasionally.
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If you want links to other profile details, private message me or send me an email (is that possible here? I don't even know). I no longer want that stuff out in public linked to this screen name.