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Cassandra_Leo's profile

United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, folk, prog, avant-garde 

I also really like death, grind, and doom, but there isn't enough room in the field to indicate that. I probably listen to more black metal than anything else, but that might just be because I own more black metal than anything else.

I own a lot more than is currently listed in my collection due to the fact that I haven't updated it for several years. Vinyl is now by far my preferred format; it's rare that I purchase an album on any other, unless it's simply not available (and shows no signs of ever becoming available).

In addition to metal (and progressive rock, and music generally), I'm obsessed with left-wing politics - I score firmly in the bottom-left quadrant of the Political Compass (, though I regard this as an imperfect resource), which makes me nearly as anarchist as one can get. However, I'm pretty apathetic about the political leanings of musicians I listen to. I won't send money directly to Nazis, but other than that I don't care.

I've long intended to unlazy myself and write more reviews. I seem to be doing just that these days.

If you want links to other profile details, private message me or send me an email (is that possible here? I don't even know). I no longer want that stuff out in public linked to this screen name.

I almost never use instant messenger programs these days, but if you want to chat with me I'm almost always on IRC at, channel #fools-gold. If I'm idling, just say the name "Aaron" and I'll respond whenever I see it. If I'm not logged in at all, or if I don't respond for an ungodly long time, starting a line with ".tell Aaron" or ".tell Aaron|mobile" will get my attention whenever I do log in with the respective handle, unless Yumitsuka somehow disconnected too.

My collection is nowhere near complete. I probably have at least 200 vinyl albums, of which most are metal. Right now I only have 132 items in my collection, and about half of those are CDs. Updating it is a very time-consuming process, and I didn't bother keeping it up-to-date for years, so it'll probably be a long time before it's complete, particularly since I don't even have a complete list of the albums I own anywhere right now.