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Metal newbie 
Full name:
Daniel whatsoever 
Favourite metal genre(s):
thrash, viking, death-grind 

My rating system (for albums only, not demos) should be from now on the following:

100% - Absolute masterpiece, get it or perish in flames
90% - Awesome album / A classic, a must have.
80% - Great stuff, highly recommended
70% - Good album, not the best thing around but however it is worth a listen
60% - Decent album, it's not bad but not that great either. Get it if you want, just don't expect anything groundbreaking
50% - Average album - This album is exactly between the good and the bad. Get it if you really want, or just download the best tracks of the album.
40% - Mediocre - Not a good album, though not SO bad either. Download the best songs and ignore the rest, or get it only if you haven't got anything else to do.
30% - Bad - Yes this is a bad album and by this I mean it is a lot below average. Avoid at all costs, or if you want to listen to it steal it, don't waste your money.
20% - Terrible - Wow, I wonder what the fuck the guys who recorded this were thinking when they wrote this album. Avoid at all costs, do not even try to steal it, it's not worth the time
10% - Absolute Crap. This album is so sucky that I can't find words to describe it. Or wait I can, Avoid this like the flu unless you are some kind of masochist who wants to torture himself with this atrocity of an album.
0% - ... - Well, this is either one of the worst albums ever or THE worst album ever itself. This album is made of pure defecation, and if you're thinking about buying it then you'd better point a gun at your head, because that'd be a more useful thing.