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United States 

"byrgan" is Old English (easier to pronounce as ber'gen)

Please, do not just copy and paste one of my reviews for your blog or Ebay from here, as I've seen it done and never been asked. I don't care if you put a link, that's different. Thank you.

Current month of 2011 reviews - Unhappy readings!

Amenthis (Dualism), Crematorio (Demo 1990), Fear Ritual (Fear Ritual), Hellhunter (Ensaio), Necropher (Images), Necroterio (Putrid Glory), Paradise Lost (Live Death), Rigidity Cadaveric (Massive Funeral), Warfare Noise split (Chakal, Mutilator, Sarcofago, Holocausto), Siecrist (Soul in Fire)

Grand total reviews: 251
Total w/ splits once: 246
Total bands: 129
Most reviewed bands: Autopsy (9), Barathrum (8), Vulcano (8)
Most reviewed countries: Brazil (80 bands, 151 releases), US (14 bands, 32 releases), Finland (6 bands, 19 releases), Greece (5 bands, 7 releases)
Most reviewed genres: black, death, thrash, doom
Most reviewed in a month: 33
Most reviewed decade: ?
Most reviewed year: ?

Longest review: Skepticism - Aes (2, 270), Sorrow - Hatred and Disgust (2, 244)
Shortest review: ?
Earliest review: ?
Current earliest: Mystifier - Wicca (Jan. 19th, '05)

Review series:
- 80's Brazilian, lo-fi extreme metal series # 0.5-10
#0.5 Mutilator

- 13 of the black: '90's Brazilian demo series
#1 Lamentation

Some of my overtly gimmick reviews:
- Mystifier - Wicca
- Skepticism - Aes
- Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus
- Sorrow - Hatred and Disgust

Planning on editing/revising most, if not all, of my older 2005-06 reviews with off the wall comparisons, pointless signature at the bottom and other unsmooth business. Nothing too drastic or I'll delete it and resubmit with a new date. Some scores are in need of reevalution as well.

Updated so far: Agatus, Apokalyptic Raids (Only Death; The Return; The Third), Autopsy (1987 Demo; Critical), Barathrum (Eerie; Infernal; Legions), Corpse Grinder (Celebration), Death (Leprosy), Furze (Trident; Necromanzee), Holy Hell, Necrophagia (Season; Holocausto), Nuclear Death (Bride; Carrion; FoD; All Creatures), Samael (Worship; Ceremony), Mystifier (Wicca; Goetia), Satyricon (Shadowthrone), Shub Niggurath (Evilness), The Ravenous (Assembled; Three), Tiamat (Sumerian)

Completely rewrote and resubmited: Ancient Rites (TDS), Autopsy (Fiend; Acts; Shitfun), Barathrum (Hailstorm), Goatlord, Impaled Nazarene, Isvind (Dark Waters), Mutilator (Immortal Force), Rotting Christ (Satanas; Passage), Sextrash (XXX; Sexual Carnage).

Some of the deleted reviews below I'm going to rewrite and submit again: Nocturnal Worshipper and possibly a few others.

Deleted reviews (31): Axis of Advance (Strike), Belial (Almas Ciegas), Desolation Hymn (Purgatory Despairing), Dr. Shrinker (Recognition; Wedding; The Eponym), Fleurety (Min Tid Skal Komme), Goatsnake (Goatsnake Vol. 1), Impiety (Kaos Kommand 696), Isvind (Isvind), Magus (Ruminations comp.), Mausoleum - (Cadaveric Displays), Morbid Angel (Altars of Madness [I deleted this because the gimmick only worked temporarily, but it was fun while it lasted.]) Murder Sqaud - (Unsane), Nergal/PSF (split), Nocturnal Worshipper (Cerimonial Circle), Ocultan (Bellicus Profanus), Prime Evil (The Manifestation), Ravenous (Blood Delirium), Samael (Into the Infernal; Macabre Operetta; From Dark; Medieval Prophecy; Passage), Sigh/Kawir (split), Thou Art Lord (Ancient Rites split; Eosforos; Apollyon), Varathron (Procreation; One Step; Genesis)

I mostly go by rule of thumb with scores and look at them as a reference point. And since the same score can be given out multiple times, though typically in the end for different reasons, I think the words should count more. For the most part I rate individually and sometimes from release to release. The percentage sign on here is pointless to me also and could be done without.