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Brexaul's profile

Metal newbie 
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United Kingdom 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Heavy, Power, Progressive 

English bloke with a passion for Heavy Metal.
Grandparents of Greek heritage, raised in London, studied in Manchester (go City!)

Spending my time flying between Italy, UK and Greece and discovering new music.

My love for Manchester City is only surpassed by my love for Crimson Glory, feta cheese and maybe a young Liz Hurley.

Used to run an old (now defunct) blog with Heavy/Power metal reviews and hopefully I can pick up the pace here.
I will obviously be reviewing albums that I believe are worth your time and money OR some major disappointments that didn't live up to their promise.
I always try to be fair and give a decent amount of information on my reviews but remember music is subjective so we will not always agree.

There are enough 100% worthy albums and I'm on a quest to find them all!

I recently started a collaboration with the awesome MetalBite so you can find some of my reviews there as well.


Oversimplified Rating system:

95-100 - Monumental

90-95 - Baptized in the waters of inspiration

80-90 - Big boy bracket, potentially a gem

70-80 - Very solid effort overall, definitely worth buying

60-70 - Has good potential and some strong moments

50-60 - Has potential but the cons outweigh the pros

30-50 - Meh, maybe some decent riffs

0-30 - Don't waste your time (doubt I'll ever review something in this tier)